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Bolsonaro must repeat lies about ballot boxes to ambassadors – 07/18/2022



President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) will make what he is calling a “technical presentation” on the country’s electronic electoral system on Monday afternoon (18) at a meeting with foreign ambassadors in Brasilia.

The president of the TSE (Superior Electoral Court), Edson Fachin, refused Bolsonaro’s invitation. In a letter sent to the Planalto ceremonial, this Friday (15), Fachin thanked the invitation, but said he could not participate, due to his “duty of impartiality”.

The meeting with foreign representatives, which is not even on the official agenda of the Presidency, should be another way for the president to repeat lies, conspiracy theories and threats about the system and electronic voting machines.

Bolsonaro has never presented evidence or evidence about the polls, but he repeats the coup speech as a way to hide the problems of his government, the high disapproval and recent polls that put him far from the leader, former president Lula (PT).

Through a profusion of lies, Bolsonaro has been fomenting disbelief at the polls. However, instead of being stopped by those around him, the president has had the support of the military, high-ranking government officials and his party in his crusade against Electoral Justice.

The Armed Forces have repeated Bolsonaro’s speech. In a recent letter, they asked the TSE for all the files from the 2014 and 2018 elections, precisely the years that are part of the president’s rhetoric of fraud.

In Brazil, there has never been a record of fraud in electronic voting machines, in use since 1996.

The organization of this Monday’s meeting is seen as Bolsonaro’s response to the June meeting of Minister Edson Fachin, president of the TSE, with foreign representatives and another chapter of the crisis between the Planalto and the TSE.

The ministers Ciro Nogueira, from the Civil House, and the minister of Defense, Paulo Sérgio Nogueira, will participate on behalf of the government, Bolsonaro said. Former minister Braga Netto was also invited, according to him.

“It will be an invitation to all of them. The subject will be a PowerPoint, nothing personal from me, for us to show everything that happened in the 2014 and 2018 elections, documented, as well as these participations by our TSE ministers, who are from the Supreme, about the electoral system,” said the president.

Before being elected in 2018, Bolsonaro already said that he would only not win if there was fraud.

The speech thus appears to work as a plan B in case of losing the election. It also functioned as an attempt to pressure Congress to pass the printed vote.

On the same day as the vote on the PEC of the printed vote, in 2021, Bolsonaro was the protagonist of a parade of military vehicles in front of the Planalto Palace. However, despite the president’s continuous coup demonstrations throughout the year, the project was defeated by the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies.

There were 229 in favor of the text, 218 against and one abstention. At least 308 votes from the 513 deputies —60%— were needed for the proposal to print the vote given by the voter in the electronic ballot box to go ahead. In other words, 79 votes were needed for the PEC to be approved. Faced with the result, it was shelved.

The vote buried the proposal that mobilized Bolsonaro’s escalation of attacks on members of the STF (Federal Supreme Court) and TSE and that worsened a crisis between the Powers.

In 2020, Bolsonaro even promised to show evidence “briefly” of fraud in the 2018 election – he said he should have been elected in the first round, not the second.

“I believe, from the evidence I have in my hands, which I will show shortly, I was elected in the first round,” Bolsonaro said at the time. “We have not just a word, we have proven it. We have to approve in Brazil a secure system for counting votes,” he said.

Last year came the strongest coup threat linked to the topic. In a conversation with supporters, Bolsonaro said that “the fraud is in the TSE” and even attacked the then president of the electoral court and minister of the STF, Luís Roberto Barroso, whom he called “idiot” and “imbecile”.

“I’m not afraid of elections, I give the banner to whoever wins, in the auditable and reliable vote. [atual]we run the risk of not having an election next year,” he said.

The speech took place after a sequence. The day before, also speaking with supporters, the president made another similar threat: “Either we have clean elections in Brazil or we don’t have elections.”

A Datafolha survey carried out in March showed that 82% of respondents trust the polls, attacked by President Bolsonaro.

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