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Bolsonaro says he is against Carnival in 2022, but says that “the one who decides” is not him



President Jair Bolsonaro (Photo: AFP / EVARISTO SA)

President Jair Bolsonaro (Photo: AFP / EVARISTO SA)

  • Bolsonaro said that for him there would be no carnival next year

  • “For me, there would be no carnival. But there is one thing: I am not the one who decides, ”he said.

  • The President also commented on the situation in Europe in relation to the pandemic

oh president Jair Bolsonaro he declared, this Thursday (25), that, for him, there would be no carnival next year. The statement was made in an interview with Rádio Sociedade da Bahia.

“For me, there would be no carnival. But there is one detail: I am not the one who decides. According to the Supreme Court, it is the governors and mayors who decide. I don’t want to dive into what could be a new controversy, ”he explained.

Bolsonaro again cited the Federal Supreme Court ruling which determined the autonomy of states and municipalities in making decisions and actions to combat the covid-19 pandemic.

“In February of last year, the pandemic problem was still in its infancy, little was known, there were hardly any deaths in Brazil, I declared the emergency, and the governors and mayors ignored him, they made the carnival. The consequences have come. We have reached 600,000 deaths. “And some have tried to make me take on this responsibility. It is not my fault. I’m not dodging or pointing out to other people. It is a reality, it is a truth. All the work to fight the pandemic fell to mayors and governors. me? Send resources, ”he said.

The president also commented on the pandemic situation in Europe and once again mentioned the concern for the economy.

“I can see that some countries in Europe are actually resuming lockdown measures. If there is another foreclosure in Brazil, states and municipalities, the economy will collapse once and for all. This is our concern, ”he said.

The São Paulo carnival has still not been defined

Carnival registration (Photo: REUTERS / Marcelo Carnaval)

many the towns in the interior of São Paulo have announced that they will not have a carnival next year, but, in the capital, the situation has not yet been defined.

“Really, we understand today that it is still premature to think of a situation of crowding in the streets with built-up areas, even if it is in three months”, declared Paulo Menezes, coordinator of the scientific committee of the government.

“We have good prospects, as mentioned today, the advance of immunization coverage in the state of São Paulo is an example for the world and, even more, what we also have as an example is to combine the progress in immunization coverage with the maintenance of other coverage that has ensured our success in the fight against the pandemic at this time. We cannot fool ourselves by saying that we are without a pandemic, without coronavirus. It is circulating, so we are keeping the measures cautiously and gradually, ”he added.

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