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Boninho’s status on Globo



José Bonifácio Brasil de Oliveira, better known as Boninho, is one of the most talked about names in Globo’s extensive casting, mainly because of his performance in the reality show Big Brother Brasil and the relationship he cultivates with internet users. The last few days, however, have not been easy for the director, who became involved in rumors that he would leave the global network after the departure of his wife, Ana Furtado, from the channel.

However, it is not only Furtado’s departure that has weighed on the status of “little Boni”, as he is affectionately called by netizens, on the Marinhos station. In addition to the BBB, the station’s director of Variety Genres is responsible for No Limite and Mestre do Sabor, which was removed from the air for the exhibition of the North American series This is Us. It turns out that the survival reality did not fall in the audience’s taste and has not generated the same impact as other programs of the genre.

In the opening week of the last season of No Limite, on May 3, despite promises of news, the attraction did not hold back and recorded an average of 17.3 points in Greater São Paulo. A performance inferior to that of the rerun of O Clone, at Vale a Pena Ver de Novo, which scored an average of 17.9 on the same day.

Last year, the first edition with ex-BBBs got 21.4 points, according to a survey by Notícias da TV, which represents a drop of 19%.

As for Mestre do Sabor, Globo suspended the reality show and opted for the series This is Us, which follows the history and daily life of the Pearson family over the decades. The first season received 11 Emmy nominations.

End of contract

Ana Furtado’s husband has a fixed contract with the broadcaster until 2023. Neither the director nor Globo has publicly commented on a possible renewal of the agreement. According to the website Notícias da TV, it is in the broadcaster’s interest to keep Boninho, mainly because of the high competition, increased by the entry of streaming platforms into the market.

Also according to the specialized website, the director’s salary is around R$ 400 thousand, and part of the station’s management understands that another less experienced professional with a lower “pass” can also leave Big Brother Brasil on a high.

In this scenario, it is worth pointing out that Globo has been ending fixed contracts with big names in its casting, transforming what was once exclusivity into a union by work. This year alone, names from the channel’s “golden age” such as André Marques, Galvão Bueno and Ana Furtado herself joined the model.

Globe’s position

In a note sent to the press, Globo says that Boninho is still hired and “that speculation does not correspond to reality, because Boninho is a Globo talent, responsible for great critical and audience successes.”

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