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Book Biennial starts in SP after pause in the pandemic; see 20 highlights of the schedule – 01/07/2022



After four years and a pandemic, the São Paulo International Book Biennial will finally get a new edition. Now with a new house, the 26th edition of the fair leaves the Anhembi Pavilion to fill the space at Expo Center Norte, also in the north of the city of São Paulo, with books.

Following the tradition of honoring a country in each edition, the event will dedicate a piece of its space to talk about Portugal, in addition to hosting a caravan with 21 writers from the European country – such as Valter Hugo Mãe, Afonso Cruz and the columnist of Sheet Ricardo Araújo Pereira, for example. The event will also celebrate the centenary of José Saramago, the only Portuguese-speaking writer to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature.

There will also appear there are Brazilians who play cards at literary events. On Saturday (2), for example, the fair welcomes Mauricio de Sousa, creator of Turma da Mônica. Pedro Bandeira, in turn, goes to the event on Thursday (7th) to explain why he decided to write for children.

Another person who will be honored is Ziraldo, who turns 90 in 2022. After suffering a stroke, he will not appear at the event, but the authors of the collections “As Meninas Maluquinhas” and “Os Meninos Maluquinhos” will go to the fair on Friday ( 8) to talk about the importance of the cartoonist’s work.

In addition to receiving renowned writers, the Bienal will make room for a recent phenomenon: the explosion of books that are successful on TikTok and occupy the bestseller lists.

To please those who take book tips on the app, the fair will have events with authors such as Alice Oseman, creator of the “Heartstopper” comics, which became a fever because of the series recently released by Netflix. But she will not come to São Paulo in person — the writer and comic book artist left a recorded video, to be shown on Saturday (9).

On the same day, by the way, there will be a table where Brazilian authors of juvenile novels will debate on how TikTok has become a powerful book-selling machine.

Another author who has become a teen sensation is Jenna Evans, of “Love and Gelato,” which was also made into a movie on Netflix in June. She will appear in person at the fair to talk about her works on Sunday (10), at 1 pm.

In addition to meetings with authors and discussion tables with writers, there are children’s attractions and conversations about the publishing market, in a space called Papo de Mercado.

The 26th edition of the São Paulo Book Biennial will bring together 182 exhibitors in an area of ​​11,000 m². The fair says it intends to receive around 600 thousand people.

Check out, below, 20 suggestions of what to do at the Bienal in the coming days. To attend the tables on this list, the tip is to arrive early – places are limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. It is worth mentioning that the presence does not give the right to autographs. The complete program can be seen on the fair’s website.

Saturday (2)

From Pages to Screens
Thalita Rebouças, Paula Pimenta, Bruna Vieira, Babi Dewet and Luiza Trigo talk about their books that became films and series. At the Cultural Arena, at 11:30 am.

Mauricio de Sousa
Stamped at the Bienals, the cartoonist talks about the latest releases. At the Cultural Arena, at 1 pm.

Saramaguian Legacies
Valter Hugo Mãe, José Luís Peixoto and Socorro Acioli discuss their relationship with the work of José Saramago. At the Portugal Pavilion, at 2pm.

Sunday (3)

Tribute to José Saramago
José Luís Peixoto talks about the Nobel again, this time with Brazilians Andrea del Fuego and Jeferson Tenório. At the Cultural Arena, at 11:30 am.

Charles Darwin and Science Journey
At the Salão de Ideias, at 15:00, Leda Khartoum, Sofia Nestrovski and the journalist from Sheet Reinaldo José Lopes to talk about the scientist.

Laugh in the Same Language
The columnists of Sheet Ricardo Araújo Pereira and Antonio Prata talk about what humor is like in different cultures. At the Portugal Pavilion, at 5 pm.

LGBT Characters in Different Literary Genres
Table on the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ characters in literature. At the Cultural Arena, at 5:30 pm.

Monday (4)

Lázaro Ramos
Children’s literature is the topic of conversation with the actor and writer. At the Cultural Arena, at 3 pm.

Tuesday (5)

Representation in Children’s Literature
Writers Kiusam de Oliveira and Otávio Júnior talk about why it is important to have black children in children’s books. At the Cultural Arena, at 1:30 pm.

Wednesday (6)

Indigenous Literature and Its Knowledge
The indigenous literary production is investigated in the conversation between the writers Cristino Wapichana and Kaká Werá. At the Cultural Arena, at 10 am.

craft beer
Beer and literature mingle at the Portugal Pavilion at 11 am, where Portuguese Afonso Cruz and Brazilian journalist Rodrigo Casarin discuss this relationship.

Thursday (7)

write for children
Pedro Bandeira and Ilan Brenman explain why they decided to write for children. At the Cultural Arena, at 11:30 am.

Friday (8)

Crazy Girls and Boys
Ziraldo is honored by the authors of the collections “As Meninas Maluquinhas” and “Os Meninos Maluquinhos”. At the Cultural Arena, at 10 am.

Saturday (9)

Conceição Evaristo and Itamar Vieira Junior
The writer and columnist of Sheet Talk to the author about her works. At the Cultural Arena, at 10 am.

Ideas to Postpone the Evils of Brazil
Meeting between Valter Hugo Mãe and the writer and indigenous leader Ailton Krenak to talk about Brazil’s environmental, economic and social problems. At the Ideas Hall, at 11 am

Booktok: The Books on TikTok
Almost at the same time, at the Cultural Arena, at 11:30 am, authors talk about how TikTok has become a tool to promote books.

Alice Oseman
Screening of a recording by the creator of “Heartstopper”, in which she comments on the importance of LGBTQIA+ stories. At the Cultural Arena, at 7pm.

Laurentino Gomes and Ligia Fonseca Ferreira
The two get together to talk about the marks left by slavery in Brazilian society. At the Ideas Hall, at 7pm.

Sunday (10)

Heart and Head, Writing as a Kind of Mathematics
Cristovão Tezza and the Portuguese Gonçalo M. Tavares discuss whether writing can be based on scientific reasoning. At the Portugal Pavilion, at 11 am.

Xuxa Meneghel
The last day of the event brings the presenter to the stage, who talks about her children’s books. At the Cultural Arena, at 2:30 pm.

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