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Brazil registers 381 deaths by covid-19 in the last 24 hours



Brazil registered 381 new deaths for the Covid-19 this Tuesday 19. The weekly average of victims, which eliminates the distortions between the week and the weekend, was 351, with a slight increase from the previous day (322).

As of Tuesday, the number of new infections reported was 13,099. In total, the Brazil has 603,902 deaths and 21,664,543 cases disease, the second country with the highest number of deaths, behind the United States. Brazil’s daily data comes from the press vehicle consortium formed by state, G1, The globe, Additional, sheet and UOL in partnership with 27 state health services, in a report published at 8:00 p.m. According to government figures, 20,838,188 people are recovered.

The state of São Paulo recorded 81 deaths from the coronavirus on Tuesday. Two other states also passed the 50 death mark that day: Rio de Janeiro (68) and Paraná (64). In contrast, Acre, Roraima and Amapá recorded no deaths that day while Amazonas, Sergipe and Mato Grosso do Sul recorded only one death.

A detail of Tuesday’s records is that Rio de Janeiro has downgraded the number of cases due to duplicate notifications. “The State Department of Health advises that the number of covid-19 cases recorded in the panel is negative due to the database review carried out by the municipalities. Duplicate notifications have been excluded, ”he said.

The death toll and case is the result of the partnership between the six media outlets which began working collaboratively since June 8 to collect the necessary information in the 26 states and the Federal District. This unprecedented move is a response to the Bolsonaro government’s decision to restrict access to data on the pandemic, but has been maintained after the release of government records.

On Tuesday, the Department of Health reported that 12,969 new cases and 390 additional deaths had been recorded from covid-19 in the past 24 hours. In total, according to the file, 21,664,879 people are infected and 603,855 deaths. The figures are different from those compiled by the News Media Consortium mainly due to the timing of the data collection.

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