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Bruno even retaliated after the first shot – 06/21/2022



The superintendent of the Federal Police in Amazonas, Eduardo Fontes, said that the reports collected in the investigations indicate that the indigenist Bruno Pereira got to shoot five shots after being hit by the first shot.

Pereira and British journalist Dom Phillips were killed in the Vale do Javari region (AM), in a crime that put pressure on the Jair Bolsonaro (PL) government for highlighting the scenario of environmental conflict in the Amazon and the insecurity of leaders who work in defense of indigenous people.

In an interview with Gaúcha radio broadcast this Tuesday (21), Fontes said that, from the moment Pereira received the second shot, the boat he was traveling with Phillips was out of control. With that, Bruno’s pistol possibly fell into the river.

“When [Bruno] takes the second shot, the vessel is lost. He advances in the ravine with great force and at that moment, probably, the gun went into the river, because it was not found,” Fontes said in the interview.

“The weapons [dos executores] were thrown into the river, according to them [suspeitos]. And Bruno also had a pistol, the victim had weapons. She even fired, according to them, five times at them after he [Bruno] takes the first shot,” Fontes said in another part of the interview.

According to the PF delegate, the information was collected from the testimonies of suspects involved in the crime. He did not detail who the suspects were who made this report, but the PF has previously reported that Amarildo Oliveira, known as Pelado, said in testimony that Bruno responded to the shots.

Amarildo is one of the suspects who confessed to participating in the double homicide. Jefferson da Silva Lima, known as Pelado da Dinha, also admitted to being one of the executioners.

The third suspect of direct involvement in the deaths, Oseney Oliveira (aka Dos Santos), denies it. Despite this, investigators say a witness placed him at the scene of the crime.

In addition to the three arrested on suspicion of involvement in the murders, five other people have already been identified for having helped to hide the bodies. They gave statements and, according to Fontes said in the interview, confessed to participating in the crime of concealment.

According to the expertise carried out by the Federal Police, Pereira and Phillips were killed with hunting weapons. The indigenist was shot three times, while the journalist was shot dead.

The examination, carried out by PF experts, indicates that Bishop Phillips’ death was caused by “thoracoabdominal trauma caused by a firearm with typical hunting ammunition, with multiple bullets [chumbinhos presentes em cartuchos de espingarda]causing lesions mainly located in the abdominal and thoracic region”.

Bruno Pereira’s death was “caused by thoracoabdominal and cranial trauma caused by firearm shots with typical hunting ammunition, with multiple bullets”.

The PF also says that, according to the expertise, the indigenist was hit by two shots in the chest/abdomen and another shot in the face/skull.

The exams take place in Brasília, and the authorities expect the bodies to be released by Wednesday (22).

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