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BTK’s FwydChickn Criticizes Indonesia’s Performance at SEA Games MLBB Finals



BloodThirstyKings’ (BTK) pro player Ian “FwydChickn” Hohl shared his opinions about Indonesia’s (ID) performance during the 31st Southeast Asia (SEA) games MLBB finals event. He expressed how he got irritated by how poorly the Indonesian team drafted and played against the Philippines (PH) team. FwydChickn also explained some of the misplays that happened during that match which could have been easily avoided if the ID squad only reviewed the previous matches of the PH team. The SEA Games MLBB event concluded with the PH Sibol MLBB squad securing the Gold medal finish while the ID team settled for the Silver medal prize.

FwydChickn disappointed about Indonesia’s misplays in the 31st SEA Games MLBB finals

BTK’s Gold laner previously shared his thoughts about the . Following this, FwydChickn shared his thoughts as to why the Sibol MLBB squad got the upper hand against the super team that was formed to represent Indonesia.

“One thing I noticed which is really sad was that if they [ID team] just watched how PH played their match previously versus Singapore and noticed that one play where instead of baiting Lord, they get the guy[enemy player] picked off, they [PH team] did the exact same thing twice versus Indo,” said FwydChickn. “That mistake kinda ticked me off.”

He added that he was anticipating that strategy and it surprised him how the ID squad fell for it multiple times. The BTK Gold Laner deduced that maybe the Indonesia team composition lacked chemistry which made it hard for them to compete against the PH team who drafted its whole roster from Blacklist International instead of selecting players from various teams.

FwydChickn recalled the third game in the finals where Indonesia’s Calvin “CW” Winata, who was using Beatrix, made a crucial misplay during his duel against Kyle “Dominic” Dominic Soto, who was playing Esmeralda..

“It’s pissed me off so much watching that guy [CW] going in SMG form and brainlessly stand there and auto [attack] Esme [Esmeralda] fully knowing that Esme has Blade Armor,” stated FwydChickn.

He clarified that CW made a lot of impressive plays during the SEA Games match, however, his Beatrix duel against Owl’s Esmeralda was one of the highlights that irritated FwydChickn.

The 31st SEA Games MLBB event concluded with the PH team taking the Gold medal. However, the frequent pauses in the 31st SEA Games MLBB grand finals raised a protest and caused a two-hour delay before the Medal ceremony commenced. Eventually, the protest was dismissed and the Indonesian squad took home a Silver medal for their country.

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