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Bullshit in ‘No Limite’: unpublished videos show moments after Ninha and Pedro’s fight



Tense moments in No Limit! 🔥 Now, Sun Tribe and moon tribe form the team Star in reality, and it is common for the meeting between the participants to generate friction due to different visions of the game and alliances and strategies that end up colliding amidst the rivalry of the sands of Praia Dura.

In the last episode of the dispute, on 6/21, Nest and Pedro discussed voting targets in the next Elimination Portals and their relationship was shaken. Flavia was nervous about the conversation and speculated about future partners in the dispute.

“It’s complicated for me because I haven’t been with you from the beginning, you know? So my situation is very complicated.”said the former volleyball player to the girls in the group. Jeez! 💣

Flávia vents after Ninha's beef with Pedro

Flávia vents after Ninha’s beef with Pedro

🔥 See also, in the playlist below:

  • Clécio and Andréa talk about Tiemi
  • Ipojucan and Clécio talk about duel in Prova
  • Ipojucan and Victor chat about votes
  • Ninha assesses Charles’ strength
  • Pedro remembers Matheus Pires
  • And much more: watch everything that didn’t air on TV!

Remember everything that happened on Tuesday’s episode, 6/21! 👇

Rhudson Victor summarizes 'No Limite' and chats with Janaron

Rhudson Victor summarizes ‘No Limite’ and chats with Janaron

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