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Bungie’s Halo Stats Site to Go Offline Permanently February 9



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Bungie is permanently saying goodbye to Halo player stats as the company looks to finally end its involvement with the Halo franchise.

Earlier this week, in a studio update post, Bungie announced the permanent closure of its aura player data and statistics website, Contains all player data such as screenshots, game statistics, heat maps for Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo Reach. The website is scheduled to close on February 9 and players who wish to keep their aura Data are encouraged to save their statistics should they wish to retain them. However, groups, forums, and news articles will not be affected and will remain accessible, as they were imported to in 2013.

Credit: Microsoft

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The company is responsible for the first 5 of the current 7 aura games released, with 343 Industries currently handling the continuation of the franchise. Bungie has not been involved with Halo development since leaving Microsoft in 2007, so it is not surprising that they are looking to finally end their participation in the series. The website itself has not been updated in over 9 years.

If you forget to download your player data before February 9, fear not, because the team has you covered, as they archived the entirety of in 2015. Accessing your data will be a bit tricky as file. .org saved the entire database in chunks, which means players will need to individually search the files for their data.

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