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businessman got half of the fee paid by Huck



As soon as the LeoDias column reported about the balance of only R$ 7,500 in Luva de Pedreiro’s bank account, new information about the origin of this amount shocked our report. Part of this money was the paycheck that the influencer earned in a participation in the program Domingão com Huck (Globo), recorded in April.

BRL 10,000 were received by Luva de Pedreiro, however, Allan Jesus kept half of that fee. That is, of the R$ 7,500 in the account, R$ 5,000 was what Luva de Pedreiro won from Luciano Huck. Can you believe?

On the occasion, the owner of the catchphrase “Receba!” got a surprise from the presenter. A believer who was going to present a commercial for construction materials in Rio de Janeiro, the Bahian ended up on the stage of the program and still met Neymar. Allan Jesus was with us on the recording at all times.

Businessman prevented other achievements of the influencer

Since the beginning of the year, to get an idea, Nike Brasil has tried to contact Allan Jesus, now the influencer’s former manager, in order to hire the young man to participate in a project with the Brazilian team for the 2022 World Cup. However, in all the contacts made, Allan was categorical in saying that he was not interested. None of this information came to the attention of the influencer.

Allan Jesus even omitted details about Luva de Pedreiro’s address so that no one would send products to him. In the investigation made by our report, we learned that not only Nike, but players and other influencers tried several times to find out where he lives, in order to send gifts and products to Luva to stop using counterfeit things, but the answer from Allan was always a resounding no.

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