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Call of Duty: BOCW – A Love/Hate Relationship 



There have been few multiplayer FPS games in my gaming life that have consistently attracted my attention.

The only ones that come to mind are Killzone: Shadow fall, Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

The similarities in these titles are few, but one thing they all have in common is tight mechanics, cool maps, and for the most part, players who rely more on skill than cheap tactics.

… And then there’s Call of Duty: BOCW.

Why do I love Call of Duty: BOCW?

Do not misunderstand. COD: BOCW is fun. It can hold my attention for quite some time.

However, the reason I love it is that it’s essentially a Call of Duty game. The mechanics are basically the same as in the previous posts.

Fast-paced action and tight gameplay is something that sets it apart from its competition. When he’s at his best, there’s no better multiplayer FPS game than him.

For me, the best COD game was BO2, and Battlefield 4 was the only game that came close to being that good. You can’t easily compare them because they are two completely different games. BO2 still has the upper hand.

Why do I hate it?

Where do I start? Over the years, Call of Duty gradually changed from being its own game that I know and love to something more like the competition.

The problem stems from the vocal minority speaking on behalf of the community as a whole about what they want in the game, which in turn, the developers take as what the entire fanbase wants.

An example of this is the larger maps in COD: BOCW. If there were more players in the games, it wouldn’t be a problem. Many people wanted the maps to be bigger thanks to BF4. I did not do it.

Another thing about maps is that they are too open. You’d think they would have learned from some of the COD: MW complaints, but I guess not.

There are too many hidden doors, windows, and holes on every map. With things like this, you are just asking people to find their favorite corner and camp there.

This is a big drop from the glory days of COD where there were campers, but they were more of a minority than a majority like they are now.

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