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Call of Duty: BOCW Map Review: Checkmate 



Something that Call of Duty has always done well takes simple ideas and creates good playable maps from them. BOCW gets it right this time.

Some COD fans said they were tired of the little three-lane maps, but this is a throwback and plays great.

We see what happened when COD tried something new with the maps in MW and they were not good,

Dear BOCW, please give us more

From what I can gather without researching, many maps in this game are too large because they host 6v6 and 12v12 game modes.

That’s great, but at least make the 6v6 maps smaller than the 12v12 maps. A lot was taken from the Battlefield series. Take that idea.

All the maps in Battlefield are huge. When you want to play in a game mode with fewer players, you get a smaller portion of the larger map.

The smallest maps are part of identity from Call of Duty. A correct map is usually fun in Black Ops games because they push you into action.

Looking back in history, many of the fan favorites are smaller maps.

How does this new map work?

Checkmate is one of the maps created specifically for 6v6 game modes and it shows. There is constant action.

Most of the action takes place on the crashed plane in the middle of the map. There are lanes to the left and right, but they are also active, with players trying to flank.

In between, grenades are constantly being thrown, multiple tickets to the plane, and even a action hotspot under the plane.

No matter what game mode you’re playing, this map is fun. Objective game modes bring out the best in this map.

The great thing about this map and most of the great maps is that there are few sneaky camping spots. The map is so open and has clear sight lines.

I’m not saying you can’t shoot on this map because you can, but with the size of this map, at least you have a good shot at snipers.

I was able to see this map fitting BO1 or BO2 perfectly with no changes.

Final score: 8/10

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