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Call Of Duty Cold War May Have Just Been Released, But We’ve Already Heard Rumours Of Another.



Call of Duty feels like a very weird series ever since it changed to a yearly release. However, games do this like Fifa and Madden. Call of Duty is a different type of game as it’s an FPS while the others are sports games. There isn’t much time before someone is talking about the next game.

This feels weird, with many rumours already appearing for the next game in the series when the current game only released on 13 November 2020. If we look at other big games with constant sequels, it takes 4 years of development time. Making it feel like we need more time for the next game rather than a year.

What rumours do we already have?

There are two massive rumours following the next Call of Duty game. One is the name that is rumoured to be Call of Duty Guerrilla Warfare. This looks like it will be a sequel to the Modern Warfare series. It is also being developed by sledgehammer that is the usual Modern Warfare developer.

The second rumour is that the game will be set in WW3. How this would work is unknown as we have never had a WW3 in real life. Making it feel kind of weird if they do a WW3 where different countries are going up against each other.

Why it needs a year break

Although Call of Duty is most likely the best game with a yearly cycle. There is no doubt that a year or two will be very beneficial for the series. Look at what it did to the Assassin’s Creed series that has reinvented itself into something different and an enjoyable series again.

This after it hit a wall with Unity. Call of Duty feels like it’s starting to hit this wall, and soon it could be pushed to start releasing games every two years rather than one. This would make a lot of sense as they could keep the current game going through seasons.

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