Call of Duty Season 5 is coming on the 5th of August Get Your Hard Drives Ready People!



It only felt like yesterday when we were all deleting our favorite games to make way for the massive update of Call of Duty Warzone season 4. Now in a couple of days time, we might have to do it again. With season 5 of Warzone coming to us on August 5th . In the trailer, the only bit of information we really got was that we would be getting a group of soldiers called Shadow Company. 

What do we know about season 5? 

There have been rumours of season 5 changing Warzone massively. It has been rumoured to add four new guns. That’s not all though as it’s rumored to have some massive map changes to Warzone. Also There was a streamer who leaked the map for season 5 called Hornick105. It  showed that the next map might be full of destruction from a massive explosion.

It also showed the opening of the massive stadium in the middle of the map. Could it actually, in the future, if opened, act like the Faulty Towers of Fortnite with close to everyone landing in the same place and fighting it out. If all these changes are true, there could be some massive changes in season 5.

Who are the Shadow Company? 

In the trailer for Season 5, it also seems to focus on a group called the Shadow Company, we have near to no information on how these will affect gameplay. It has been mentioned by a fan that Price might have been part of this group in Modern Warfare.  Nothing has been confirmed. We don’t know anything about this until the release date on 5th of August. We will keep you up to date on what happens next for season 5.

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