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Call Of Duty Warzone Halloween Leaks 



The halloween event starts on the 20th of October. We have a lot of rumours following this event coming up. With it looking like it will be really dark in the event, there will be monsters around. The new leak about the event is the introduction of Jigsaw and Leatherface as actual skins. This might actually annoy a lot of people with players wanting more realism in Warzone.With the new Halloween event bringing in a lot of unrealistic stuff to the game. From weird skins like Jigsaw and hopefully Zombies. 

Anymore horror icons joining the party?

The fact that we have a Jigsaw skin could show that we could be getting more skins coming from iconic horror films. With one just not being enough to add to the Halloween event. There are countless horror icons from Ghost Face to Jason from Friday the Thirteenth. It does feel like Warzone is going all out. So it would be surprising if they just had one horror film inspired skin for the event. 

There is some mystery to this update…

We still don’t have that much information on what will happen when the new events start. Zombies have been rumoured and for a horror themed event it seems like a must. There are also flying bat people that have been rumoured to be part of the event. This is surprising as we do usually have a leak for Call of Duty events just before the event takes place but we haven’t had much this time. Does this mean it could be a massive event or too small to leak?

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