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Capcom Pro Tour Season Final recap



The 2020 action of Street Fighter V came to an end this weekend with the Capcom Pro Tour season finale. The event moved online after the pandemic forced organizers to cancel the in-person tournament that was supposed to take place within the Dominican Republic. The 24 players who qualified for the Capcom Cup met in a best-of-seven match and the winner took home $ 5,000.

The event was divided into two days, with six matches each day. Here’s the breakdown of the matches that took place on Day 1.

1st match – Region: South America, Pikoro (M. Bison) vs. Jah_Lexe (Rashid)

Game one: Jah_Lexe 2-1

Game Two: Jah_Lexe 2-0

Game Three: Jah_Lexe 2-0

Game Four: Pikoro 2-1

Game five: Jah_Lexe 2-0.

Winner: Jah_Lexe

2nd match – Region: China, Jiewa (Akuma) versus Vxbao (Urien)

Game one: Vxbao 2-0

Game two: Jiewa 2-1

Game three: Vxbao 2-0

Fourth match: Vxbao 2-0

Game five: Jiewa 2-1

Game six: Vxbao 2-1

Winner: Vxbao

Game 3 – Region: North America East, CJ Truth (Cammy) vs. DR Mandrake (Urien)

Game one: CJ Truth 2-0

Game two: CJ Truth 2-0

Game three: CJ Truth 2-1

Game four: CJ Truth 2-1

Winner: CJ Truth

Game 4 – Region: Oceania, Rumors (Cody) versus Somniac (M. Bison)

Game one: Somniac 2-0

Game Two: Rumors 2-1

Game Three: Rumors 2-0

Fourth match: Somniac 2-0

Game Five: Rumors 2-0

Sixth game: Somniac 2-1

Game 7: Somniac 2-1

Winner: Somniac

Game 5: Region: North America West, Nephew (Kolin) vs. Samurai (Akuma)

Game one: nephew 2-1

Game Two: Samurai 2-1

Game three: nephew 2-1

Game four: nephew 2-1

Game Five: Samurai 2-0

Game six: nephew 2-1

Winner: nephew

Game 6 – Region: EU East, Phenom (Karin) vs. Luffy (R. Mika)

Game One: Luffy 2-0

Game Two: Luffy 2-1

Game Three: Luffy 2-0

Game four: Phenom 2-1

Game Five: Luffy 2-0

Winner: Luffy

The first day saw many intense matches, including the community vote on Luffy that showed R. Mika can still work. One of the benefits of this day was that viewers at home got to see some lesser known names from around the world like Vxbao and Rumors. The second day, however, would see many more household names from the FGC fighting, including The Beast himself, Daigo Umehara.

1st match – Region: Southeast Asia, SKZ (Seth) vs. Xian (Seth)

Game one: Xian 2-1

Game two: Xian 2-0

Game three: Xian 2-0

Game four: Xian 2-0

Winner: Xian

Game 2 – Region: EU East and Middle East, Angrybird (Seth) vs. Big Bird (G)

Game one: Big Bird 2-1

Game two: Big Bird 2-1

Game three: Big Bird 2-0

Game Four: Angrybird 2-0

Game Five: Big Bird 2-0

Winner: Big Bird

3rd Party – Region: Central America, Caba (Guile) versus MenaRD (Karin)

Game one: MenaRD 2-0

Game two: MenaRD 2-1

Game three: Caba 2-1

Fourth match: Caba 2-0

Game Five: MenaRD 2-0 (Switch to Birdie)

Game Five: MenaRD 2-0

Winner: MenaRD

Fourth match – Region: UE West, Takamura (Akuma) versus Infexious (Zeku)

Game one: Takamura 2-0

Game two: Infexious 2-0

Game Three: Infexious 2-1

Fourth match: Takamura 2-1

Game five: Takamura 2-1

Game 6: Takamura 2-1

Winner: Takamura

Game 5 – Region: North America East, iDom (Laura) versus Smug (G)

Game one: iDom 2-0

Game two: Smug 2-0

Game three: Smug 2-1 (iDom switches to Poison)

Game four: iDom 2-0 (iDom returns to Laura)

Game Five: iDom 2-1

Game six: Smug 2-0

Game Seven: iDom 2-1

Winner: iDom

Game 6 – Region: East Asia, Daigo (Guile) versus Gachikun (Rashid)

Game one: Daigo 2-1

Game two: Gachikun 2-1

Game three: Daigo 2-0

Fourth match: Daigo 2-0

Game five: Daigo 2-1

Winner: Daigo

A game trailer of Dan, a DLC character from Street Fighter V, was shown after the finale concluded. It’s available to play now that Season 5 is officially live. The 2021 Capcom Tour season is fast approaching; we will receive our first news about it in March.

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