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‘Cara e Courage’: Alfredo makes it clear to Pat that he knows she doesn’t love him anymore



Comforting her husband in the hospital bed – he arrived unconscious and in serious condition, remember!? -, the stuntwoman says excitedly that everything will get better.

Pat finds Alfredo unconscious

Pat finds Alfredo unconscious

“We’ll get through this. Go ahead! I’ll take care of you”, she whispers.

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Summary of 'Cara e Courage': Chapters from July 18 to 23

Summary of ‘Cara e Courage’: Chapters from July 18 to 23

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, Pat (Paolla Oliveira) tells Alfredo (Carmo Dalla Vecchia) that she felt guilty because he got sick — Photo: TV Globo

The illustrator wakes up and Pat is happy with the improvement.

Not knowing what happened, she tells him that he felt sick and gave her a fright.

In tears, Pat reveals that she felt guilty about her husband’s condition.

It’s the illustrator’s cue to say what he already knows.

Review the scene where Alfredo hits Moa upon learning that he kissed Pat

Alfredo punches Moa, who is surprised

Alfredo punches Moa, who is surprised

“It’s not your fault you don’t love me like you used to,” he comments, leaving Pat speechless.

Hiding her feelings, the stuntwoman denies it and points out that she loves him.

How long will Pat hide his love for Moa?

The scene will air in this Tuesday’s chapter, 7/19.

19 Jul


Pat listens carefully to the doctor’s explanation of Alfredo’s diagnosis, who has a tumor. Chiquinho misses Rebeca, and Moa worries. Rebeca makes a proposal for Armandinho to testify against Moa. Ítalo tries to find out about the group of women when he sees Pat dressed in the orange suit. Duarte asks Jessica to take the managers appointed by Danilo to Bob’s mansion. Martha proposes to Leonardo the position of vice-president of the SG, in case he assumes the relationship with Regina. A paparazzi photographs Andréa, Moa and Chiquinho at Milton’s bakery. Pat tells Bill about his father’s illness. Leonardo accepts Regina’s conditions to make their relationship official. Pat is shaken to learn that Andrea has taken up her romance with Moa.

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