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Cartel Tycoon hits Steam Early Access this March with new features



The resounding successes of television shows based on the lives of the leaders of the infamous drug cartels show that people like to see what it’s like to live on the edge. The life of the narcos is certainly not all cash and glamor as Hollywood often makes it seem. At the heart of every successful cartel operation is an entrepreneur with expert business management skills and some fierce politics, to say the least. If you have ever fantasized about this illicit trade, Tycoon Poster it might be something you want to try. On March 18, you can do just that. The Steam Early Access version of Tycoon Poster it will be available for purchase at a price of $ 19.99 USD. That’s a silly change to a boss.

Tycoon Poster is a resource management game inspired by the explosive drug trafficking boom of the 1980s. You will go to a fictional version of Columbia in this game to build a network of narcotics plantations, factories, warehouses, and hideouts. We got a chance to see a preview of this game last year during the “Uncut Early Access” period and it really is a nostalgic throwback to that time. The developers clearly thought a lot about the details. The graphics are beautiful, the user interface feels good, and the game is a lot of fun to start with.

What you have is good, but …

With that said, Tycoon Poster it clearly felt like an early access game back then. The developers have come up with a roadmap that looks very promising, but many features are still missing. However, 2021 should be a good year for the game if the development schedule stays on track. Developer Moon Moose plans to add more buildings, a story and missions, leader skills, a new map, PvP, and co-op just to name the highlights. These additions will fix most of my complaints.

steam tycoon early access poster

Dealing with the government is even more dangerous than dealing with rival factions.

Frankly, there is a lot to do before the game pays off. However, the developers are listening and I am excited about the end result. If you don’t mind being patient and want to support development, the price of the game is not too demanding. Just understand that the development roadmap is not set in stone and it will take at least another year to complete.

If you’re curious to see more, check out the trailer below to get an idea of ​​what’s new in the Steam Early Access version of Tycoon Poster. Our preview will also bring you up to date on all the pros and cons of this game.

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