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Castro and Freixo tie in the Genial/Quaest poll for governor of Rio



247 – According to a survey by Genial/Quaest released this Thursday (14), the current scenario of the dispute for the government of Rio is a technical tie in the first round between the current governor, Cláudio Castro (PL), and federal deputy Marcelo Freixo ( PSB).

Castro has 24% of voting intentions, against 22% for Freixo. The poll’s margin of error is plus or minus 2.8 points. The globe.

The percentages are those recorded in the survey scenario that includes former governor Anthony Garotinho (União Brasil) among the pre-candidates. Garotinho and the former mayor of Niterói Rodrigo Neves (PDT) appear in the third position, tied with 6%. Cyro Garcia (PSTU), Felipe Santa Cruz (PSD), who will withdraw from the dispute, as anticipated by GLOBO columnist Lauro Jardim, and Eduardo Serra (PCB) add up to 2% each. Paulo Ganime (Novo) and Colonel Emir Larangeira (PMB) make up 1%.


The blank and null votes reach 24%. Another 10% of voters say they are undecided, according to the survey.


Even with the persistent tie with Freixo in the simulations as pre-candidate, the government of Cláudio Castro registered a significant increase in disapproval (the percentage of those who evaluate the government as bad/very bad went from 20% in May to 27%, a high of seven points), but also saw, to a lesser extent, increase in the percentage of those who rate their management as excellent or good (20% to 24%). The percentage of those who consider regular management fell from 40% to 35%.


Genial/Quaest heard 1,200 interviewees aged over 16 in person in the State of Rio, between the 8th and 11th of July. The confidence level is 95%. The survey is registered with the number RJ-05160/2022 at the Electoral Court.

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