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Fairy tale offers players the opportunity to choose their favorite boys and girls in anime. As you continue the guild journey, you will also receive personal character stories, and in turn, you will be able to increase the character rank. Here is our guide to help you.

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Fairy Tail Character Ranges Character Story Guide 1a

Fairy Tail: character ranks guide

First, let’s clarify one thing: Fairy tale“Character levels” are very different from “character rank” mechanics. The first, “character levels” or “levels”, are obtained by conventional means (killing mobs and earning EXP). They also offer rudimentary progression boosts like HP, MP, and new spells.

Meanwhile, the latter, “character ranks” or “ranks,” are obtained through the guild ledger, the book at each guild center that also shows your guild rank and facilities (see below):

Ftail Chrk 1a

Similarly, each range in Fairy tale requires a specific number of Fairy Points (earned by completing guild requests). The character ranking system also follows some similarities between all the people you recruit in the game:

  • Rank 0: N / A
  • Rank 1: Magic Chain Upgrade – Adds a new command to the Magic Chain during battles; increases the damage of finishers.
  • Rank 3: Heavy Armor: Additional Lacrima slot.
  • Rank 4: Alternate Costume – Grants an additional costume for that character. This can be changed in Lucy’s house when you access the closet.
  • Rank 5: Tracking Enhancement: Increases damage from Tracking Attacks.
  • Rank 7: Quick Upgrade: Increase the restored MP at the end of a battle.
  • Rank 8: Magic Upgrade II – Adds a new command to the Magic Chain during battles; increases the damage of finishers.

As you can see, only a few selected ranks will provide unique enhancements tailored to that character (i.e. ranks 2, 6, and 10); the tenth rank actually provides a special skill or ability. Here are some examples at the beginning Fairy tale:

Character Rank 2 Rank 6 Rank 10
Natsu Zenith of the Fire Dragon: + 30% Critical Rating while awake Essence of the Fire Dragon: Guarantees critical strikes while awake Crimson Lotus: Blade of Explosive Flames
Lucy Heavenly Protection: HP cannot be reduced below 1 when you take damage (HP must be 30% or more) Captivating pose: When this is activated, the status of “opportunity” is granted to allies; allies can also win an extra turn in battle Summon Aries
Gray Master’s Teachings: Speed: 5% chance for Gray’s clothing to be removed and his speed increased by 10% for the duration of the battle Master’s Teachings: Attack: same trigger as above, but this increases attack Ice Make: Floor Unlimited
Erza Zenith of Titania: + 10% attack and defense when HP is 30% or less Titania Defense: + 10% attack and defense when HP is 50% or less Crimson Black Twin Blades
Wendy Sky Dragon Zenith: Increase the benefits Wendy gives per turn. Sky Sister Dance: When this is activated, the status of “opportunity” is granted to allies; allies can also win an extra turn in battle Deus Eques
Juvia Rain Blessing – Defense: Doubles the defense percentage when regeneration is active; tripled when Gray is part of the team Rain Blessing: Attack: Provides a similar effect but stops the attack this time. Water puzzle
Gajeel Zenith of the Iron Dragon: + 30% Critical Rating when attacking an enemy inflicted with a Status Ailment Essence of the Iron Dragon – Critical Strike Guaranteed on a target afflicted with a Status Ailment Iron

Ftail Chrk 1b

Character stories

Okay, so far so good, right? Well, to be clear, there will be times when you could hit a brick wall even if you have the necessary fairy points. This is when the game may require that you first complete a character’s story.

Anyway, in Fairy tale, a character who can address his story will have an icon on his model. Of course, these are usually short, short and fast, technically they are also side missions, which require you to complete a task for a specific person. For example, the story of the first Erza characters would only make you buy some candy in Magnolia:

Ftail Chrk 1c

Completing this will unlock possible ranks from rank 4 to rank 6:

Fairy Tail Character Ranks Character Story Guide 2a

Character stories don’t even need you to reach a certain rank, i.e. Reach Rank 6 with Juvia before your next character story is available. It only requires that you have completed a previous story for that character. Try to pay attention to some guild requests that require you to bring in certain people in case this also leads to new stories.

Fairy Tail Character Ranges 2d Character Story Guide

Fairy tale is available on Steam. For more information, see our guides and feature center.

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