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Check out who voted against the Electoral PEC in the 2nd round in the Chamber



The Chamber of Deputies approved this Wednesday 13, in the second round, the basic text of the Electoral PEC, to create temporary benefits and serve as an attempt to give survival to the campaign of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) for reelection.

There were 469 votes in favor of the proposal and 17 against. On Tuesday the 12th, the deputies endorsed the text in the first round by 393 votes to 14.

In the PT, deputy Frei Anastácio was the only one to vote against the proposal. He stated to Capital Letter that the PEC is “electoral” and classified the text as “a shame that we cannot accept”.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, the PT and the opposition in the Chamber have tried to talk to the government about permanent aid, but the government has not done any of that,” said Anastácio. “Now, three months before the election, he uses this project with a start and end time. It is not possible to vote on a PEC like this, which, for me, is shameful.”

The Electoral PEC establishes a state of emergency and releases 41.25 billion reais from the spending ceiling until the end of this year for the expansion of Auxílio Brasil and the gas voucher, the creation of aid for truck drivers and taxi drivers, the financing of free public transport for the elderly, compensation to states that grant tax credits for ethanol and the reinforcement of the Alimenta Brasil program.

Check the list of deputies who voted against the Electoral PEC in the second round:

From PT:

Friar Anastacio (PB)

From União Brazil:

Bozzella (SP)
Felipe Rigoni (ES)
Kim Kataguiri (SP)
Professor Dayane Pimentel (BA)

From the New Party:

Adriana Ventura (SP)
Alexis Fonteyne (SP)
Gilson Marques (SC)
Lucas Gonzales (MG)
Marcel van Hattem (RS)
Paulo Ganime (RJ)
Tiago Mitraud (MG)
Vinicius Poit (SP)

From PSD:

Marcelo Calero (RJ)

From the PSC:

Guiga Peixoto (SP)

From PSDB:

Joyce Hasselmann (SP)
Pedro Cunha Lima (PB)

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