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China Complains About UN’s ‘Double Standard’ Over Ukraine Conflict



China complains about UN's 'double standard' on Ukraine war
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China complains about UN’s ‘double standard’ on Ukraine war

At a press conference on Friday, a spokesman for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticized the UN Human Rights Council after the body adopted a resolution on Russian abuses in Ukraine.

According to Zhao Likan, the organization works with “double standards” when it comes to war: it tolerates the aggression of some nations while condemning that of others.

The complaint came after the UN Human Rights Council on Thursday approved a determination to investigate alleged human rights abuses committed by Russian troops in Ukraine. All members except China and Eritrea voted in favor of the resolution.

“Politicized double standards and selective practices are on the rise at the Human Rights Council. The reason why China voted against Ukraine is based on China’s principled position on the Ukrainian question.”
said Zhao.

“The Human Rights Council held special meetings frequently in some countries, but failed to take action against some other countries,”
added the Chinese representative, who also asked questions about the UN’s record in other unrelated contexts, including disinformation, racism, gun violence and migrant abuse.

“This seriously undermined the confidence of all parties in the impartiality and objectivity of the Human Rights Council, severely affecting its credibility and causing the Council to split.”
declared the spokesperson.

“That is why China voted against the resolution. We call on all parties for a return to the original purpose of the Human Rights Council, which is genuine multilateralism and the promotion of sustainable development of the international cause of human rights.”

new resolution

On Thursday, the UN Human Rights Council passed a resolution with a large majority that calls for an investigation into allegations of rights abuses by Russian troops in parts of Ukraine previously under Ukrainian control.

The Geneva-based Council passed the resolution through a vote, with 33 members voting in favor and 2 against (China and Eritrea). There were 12 abstentions.

Russia was recently suspended from the 47-member Council. However, she could still have entered the session as an observer, but chose not to do so in protest against the resolution, which she said amounted to a political reckoning.

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