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Clarice’s death can be revealed with detail in security camera image




Pat (Paolla Oliveira) and Moa (Marcelo Serrado) will be attentive to a small detail in the video of a security camera in Cara e Coragem, from Globo

Clarice (Taís Araújo) died in Cara e Coragem
© Reproduction / GlobeClarice (Taís Araújo) died in Cara e Coragem

Clarice’s (Taís Araújo) death is still one of the great mysteries of “Face and Courage”, and may be close to being resolved for good. In scenes that will air in the next chapters of Globo’s plot, Pat (Paolla Oliveira) and Moa (Marcelo Serrado) will have access to a recording made by a security camera installed by Ítalo (Paulo Lessa) in the house of Danilo (Ricardo Pereira).

The two will analyze the video and Pat will realize a detail that could be the key to unlocking the secrets behind the businesswoman’s death. Moa will notice her ex-best friend getting out of a car parked in front of the building. where he lives with Rebeca (Mariana Santos). “Look at this, Pat,” he’ll say. She, in turn, will notice that three men are sitting in the back seat of the car.

“Did you see it? In the backseat? The image comes back,” Pat will say. The two will recognize the international buyers who were in the entourage that passed by Bob Wright’s (Kiko Mascarenhas) house. With the car already in motion, they will return to the image at the point where Danilo gets off the vehicle. Pat and Moa then survey the international buyers sitting in the backseats.


It is then that Pat will associate the trio with that “secret formula”, so commented on since the beginning of the novel. “Alá! It’s each one in a different way, but they’re all gringos, you can see. Could it be the international businessmen who wanted to buy Leonardo’s formula? [Ícaro Silva]?, she asks, leaving Moa with the flea behind her ear with the clue.

In addition, the two will also recognize the symbol of a weapons manufacturer in the briefcase of one of the executives, which adds even more fuel to this fire. “Cara e Coragem” is currently airing at 7pm on Globoand has managed to achieve good Ibope numbers and repercussions on social networks.

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