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CLG Broxah Facing Visa Issues, Won’t Arrive In NA Until February



CLG Broxah faces visa problems

CLG Broxah facing visa problems is nothing new. But it’s still annoying. The Jawline of the Jungle tweeted a video explaining their situation. Here is everything we know.

Delayed … again …

CLG Broxah visa
Credit: GameReactor

Last year, Team Liquid had to substitute at Shernfire, while Broxah had to deal with visa issues. While Shernfire performed quite well, this team synergy took a toll, and Team Liquid’s performance took a hit when Broxah was finally able to make it to the US At the end of the regular division, they finished ninth, a historically low position for the organization.

CLG Broxah faces visa problems again means more of the same problems, and in a video he tweeted this morning, he claims that he does not know when they will be resolved. Affirms no later than February. Again. That jaw line just can’t take a break.

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As for the rest of the CLG roster, there are plenty of LCS veterans, like WildTurtle and Pobelter, who could keep the team running well in Broxah’s absence. But for how long? And then when Broxah ARRIVES, the roster change can ruin any synergies the team has created with the substitute jungler.

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