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Cliff Bleszinski teases new project, might not be a video game



There are certain industry figures who seem unable to stay out of the limelight. Following the closure of Boss Key Productions and Lawbreakers Disconnected forever in 2018, many would have expected Cliff Bleszinski to wrap up his adventures in game development. After all, this is the same man who said he would be retiring permanently in 2018. However, after taking some time to reflect and mention a growing need to do something again, Cliff Bleszinski has revealed that he is working on a new project, that may not be so. be a game.

Bleszinski revealed the news via Twitter, although there is really nothing to continue on. The good news is that Bleszinski is excited about his new job, and feels like it’s a bummer not to share it with the rest of the world. Sounds like him, okay.

Surprisingly, there seems to be very little negativity surrounding the ad. Most of the responses are curious about the project, which is a good sign. More intriguing, a few hours after the first guy announcement, Cliff Bleszinski suggested that his new project might not even be a video game. At this point, everything is pure speculation and it is impossible to say what is really going on.

Cautious exaggeration

Bleszinski followed up with the reveal that he has already spoken with fellow game developer Rami Ismail about the project. The former Vlambeer co-founder and now an industry consultant also expressed his enthusiasm for the project.

Hopefully, this isn’t just a series of tweets shaking up fans. If the tease turns out to be a new Cliff Bleszinski game, the possibilities are endless. However, the only safe conclusion we have at this point is that Bleszinski is not working on anything. Gears related. A follower submitted a question about whether the project has chainsaws, to which he answered no.

Cliff Bleszinski teases a new project, it might not be a video game (2)

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