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Coach Panda Shares How RSG PH’s Roster Was Formed



RSG PH’s championship run in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9 proved that it was more than just a team built out of players who are considered “outcasts.” The team’s resurgence started during the second half of the season when it surprisingly started dominating each of its matches to quickly rise to the top of the regular season leaderboards. RSG PH went on to dominate the upper bracket playoffs to claim the MPL PH Season 9 championship title and booked itself a ticket to the upcoming Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2022. During a post-match press conference, RSG PH’s coach Brian “Panda” Lim shared how he was able to form such a formidable roster.

Coach Panda believes there is no such thing as a bad player

RSG PH’s head coach is one of the most disciplined coaches in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports scene. Coach Panda never heads to the stage without his iconic notebook that contains his drafting and strategy simulations. Once he completes his drafting strategy, a resurgence is most likely to occur for his team no matter the odds.

Coach Panda believes that there are no bad players in the MLBB esports scene. He stated, “When I actually get these players, it is either through instinct or I know them personally because they’re all part of my head.”

The head coach then compared it to drawing on a canvas, “when I choose players, parang I’m drawing a picture. There’s a picture that I want. Of course, I need to pick the colors that I need. If I’m going to draw on a canvas, I also need [to know] what tools that I’m going to use.”

“When I first start, I need to think which outline, circle, or triangle, and which part of the canvas I’m going to start. That’s how I start every single time when I form a team,” added Coach Panda.

Similar to a painter, painting an award-winning masterpiece, Coach Panda was able to form a championship title-winning team in the MLBB esports scene. RSG PH will now be facing its next challenge, the MSC 2022 where it will be competing against the best teams in the Southeast Asia region.

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