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COD Mobile to introduce two new weapons, one map in Season 1 update



Mobile COD is turning the clock back with its most recent update, as the New Order of Season 1 has arrived. The new installment of the hit mobile title takes players into a cyberpunk-themed world complete with new skins, weapons and a Map.

It appears that Activision has reset the clock to Mobile COD, as other developers have decided to do. Rather than review the teen numbers for individual seasons, the publisher has decided to start over at one. To celebrate this occasion, more content than ever comes to Mobile COD in season 1 New Order.

Mobile COD Season 1 New Order brings a wealth of content

At launch, the new season of Mobile COD It will include about half of the content that has already been confirmed. This is a strategy Activision uses to ensure seasons don’t get too stale in the middle and allow players to expect something.

For the initial launch of Season 1, players will have access to a new weapon, map, modes, and cosmetics. Below you can see exactly what is in the game at the beginning of the season.

cod mobile season 1 reorder update

The complete content of the first half of season 1 of COD Mobile. Image via Activision

The new FR .556 is an explosive assault rifle that packs a punch. There is also an epic version, Rogue Agent, included in the Battle Pass.

As for the map of the season, Mobile COD decided to take a new twist and design a completely new map. Called “Recover”, it is a medium-sized map with some verticality and an action-packed central area.

cod mobile season 1 reorder update

The new Reclaim map in COD Mobile Season 1. Image via Activision

Finally, there is a new game mode in Season 1, 3v3 Firefight, as well as a host of cosmetics in the Battle Pass. As always, players can play matches and win new levels or just shop their way.

cod mobile season 1 order update

The Renegade Agent FR .556 skin in the Battle Pass. Image via Activision

The second half of Mobile COD Season 1 will introduce another new weapon, the SKS, as well as new game modes and events. There is no release date set for the update yet.

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