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COD Mobile World Championship 2021: Fans Demand Activision to Add Battle Royale



Activision recently announced the return of the Call of Duty Mobile 2021 World Championship (COD Mobile WC 2021) in a short teaser video. While many were happy with this big announcement, a few of the COD Mobile fans were not happy and started asking Activision to add Battle Royale for the upcoming tournament. Some fans felt that the previous COD Mobile WC 2021 focused too much on squad vs. squad game modes as it didn’t include a Battle Royale category. This has led some fans to voice their concern on various social media sites asking the developers to add a Battle Royale mode competition to the upcoming tournament. Activision has yet to announce the full details of COD Mobile WC 2021, so perhaps it will include a Battle Royale contest in the full announcement.

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Fans ask to add BR in upcoming COD 2021 mobile WC

When the official COD Mobile Esports YouTube channel posted a video teaser, hinting at the return of mobile gaming to the esports scene, it caught the attention of its esports enthusiasts who were waiting for the next COD esports tournament. Mobile.

After the teaser premiered, a few dissatisfied COD Mobile Battle Royale fans started a hashtag trend “#Why_Not_BR_WorldCup, demanding the addition of the popular game mode to COD Mobile WC 2021”

Fans say the COD Mobile esports scene needs to diversify and include Battle Royale competition instead of just focusing on team-versus-team game modes. However, Activision has yet to announce full details regarding the upcoming COD Mobile esports tournament, so it’s still unclear if Battle Royale will be included.

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What is the COD Mobile 2021 World Championship?

The Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship was supposed to be the biggest COD Mobile competition hosted by Activision. The best teams from each regional championship were invited to compete and win the title of world champions. However, due to the global pandemic, the tournament was ultimately canceled in 2020 with the prize pool being distributed to all invited teams as well.

The 2021 COD Mobile World Championship marks the return of esports to the popular mobile shooter.

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