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COD Mobile World Championship In-Game Rewards



The in-game rewards for Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2021 were recently revealed in an Activision trailer. This year’s biggest COD Mobile event is back after being canceled last year. The best players from around the world will compete in the World Series for their share of the US $ 2.5 million prize pool. All players can earn different rewards, including dynamic weapon camos and new operators, but only the best players can reach the grand finale. If you want to know more about the COD Mobile World Championship in-game rewards, here are more details.

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How to get COD Mobile World Championship in-game rewards

Stages 1 and 2 of the COD Mobile World Championship will reward participants with in-game rewards such as weapon blueprints and new operators. The tournament is open to everyone, so don’t hesitate to join the two categories Solo Play and Team Play.

Step 1: Solo play

Each week will bring new challenges and rewards to participants. The first stage will start on June 3.




M4LMG – Game Creator Score 60 points in 10 qualifying matches

June 3 – June 6

QXR – Game Creator Score 60 points in 10 qualifying matches

June 10 – June 13

U16 – Playmaker Score 60 points in 10 qualifying matches

June 17 – June 20

RUS-79U – Gamer Score 60 points in 10 qualifying matches

June 24 – June 27

Manta Ray – MVP 2021 Operator Appearance Play 10 ranked matches in each of the four weekends

June 3 – June 27

Step 2: Team play

The second stage begins on July 1 and ends on July 7. Players must complete three challenges in the week.




Merc 5 – Champ 2021 Operator Skin Play 30 Ranked Qualifying Matches

July 1 – July 7

Locus – Playmaker Play 5 Ranked Qualifying Matches
AS VAL – Playmaker Win 10 of 30 Ranked Qualifiers

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Additional rewards for the COD Mobile World Championship

Along with the two-stage rewards, players may also have a chance to get additional in-game rewards if they excel during the early stages of the tournament.




KN-44 – Mindset Camo Championship Climb to Master III in ranked mode

June 3 – July 7

500 credits Register for step 1

June 3 – June 27

Executive – Competitor 2021
1000 CP Be part of the 256 best teams in your region

July 1 – July 7

Participating in the COD Mobile World Championship is a great way to secure exclusive weapons and operators that are only available in the tournament. Be sure to take advantage of the event to claim these exclusive items.

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