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Cookie Run: Kingdom: Every cookie by rarity | Articles



Cookie Run Kingdom is a new free mobile game where you fight in a world full of monster cakes and sweets! Sugar gnomes, wild cakes, and cookies like you all live and fight in this world. You are building the cookie kingdom, which has long since fallen into a world full of bad cakes and other desserts.

Cookie Run Kingdom and all of its adorable characters!

The world has been invaded by bad cakes because cookies have been dormant for a long time. That’s until you’re fresh out of the oven. Play as GingerBrave, teaming up with cookie friends, this fantasy RPG adventure has so many story elements, characters, and goodies to enjoy – it really is a fun game.

Back at your small base, you are able to rebuild your world, gather resources and create a sort of village, gather resources to build new structures, which can then help you produce items and make the village much more livable. Some of these items are just decorative, to make your yard more beautiful, while others are useful as long as you have a cookie there to work with.

list of cookie execution levels

In the game itself, you will find yourself battling monsters, defeating cakes, using the powers of each cookie, and trying to get rid of the evils that live in the world. When it comes to having the best team, you might want to know all the cookies that are out there! In this article, you will find all types of cookies, classified by rarity, as well as their powers. Hope this helps you have the strongest team on the market!

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