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CPI: Report Shows Bolsonaro, Parallel Cabinet, and Prevent Senior Action to Defend Ineffective Treatment Against Covid



The document points out that President Jair Bolsonaro began publicly defending chloroquine on March 21, 2020 – two days after US President Donald Trump also defended the same drug.

“And so early treatment ended up acquiring, especially in Brazil, an ideological meaning. The main culprit was the President of the Republic himself, a notorious promoter of early treatment, ”says the report.

Since March 2020, several studies have shown that Chloroquine is not effective for the treatment of Covid. Despite this, Bolsonaro continued to advertise the drug, mentioned by himself in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly (UN) – less than a month ago.

“We support the autonomy of the doctor in the search for early treatment, in accordance with the recommendation of our Federal Council of Medicine. I myself was one of those who underwent initial treatment, ”he said.

The Covid ICC report reports that Jair Bolsonaro’s behavior has led to conflict within the government itself. Two ministers of health against the use of chloroquine have fallen: Henrique Mandetta and Nelson Teich.

The scenario paved the way for the existence of a parallel cabinet – a group of doctors who defend ineffective treatments against Covid and who have begun to advise the President of the Republic on the issues of the pandemic.

The files obtained by the CPI indicated the oncologist Nise Yamaguchi and the federal deputy Osmar Terra (MDB-RS) as members of this cabinet. Both denied the existence of a “cabinet” at the CPI, but confirmed that they were providing informal advice to the president.

One of the theses defended by the group was the encouragement of “collective immunity” against the contamination of Brazilians by the virus. Osmar Terra, according to the CPI report, was one of the main enthusiasts for the idea.

“The idea was to do without the adoption of non-pharmacological measures that would help avoid contamination, in particular social distancing and the wearing of masks, and thus promote the spread of the new coronavirus”, specifies the draft report.

Pazuello and Mayra Pinheiro

Support for the adoption of ineffective treatments and strategies also existed within the Ministry of Health. .

In his testimony to the CPI, Pazuello denied receiving orders from Bolsonaro to recommend the ineffective treatment. The commission, however, listed the speeches of the former minister defending these drugs on social networks:

“Early treatment is recommended by Federal Councils, Regional Councils, guided by the Ministry of Health. It has been shown to be effective in all cities and states of Brazil. Clinical diagnosis and treatment as quickly as possible on the basis of the doctor’s diagnosis and these drugs must be available in the public network so that all Brazilians can receive and start their treatment, ”said Pazuello. These statements do not correspond to reality.

For the commission, the government’s objective was not only to reduce economic losses with the health measures linked to the pandemic, but also to achieve so-called “collective immunity”.

The term refers to the stage at which most citizens have already successfully developed immunity and, as a result, the virus loses much of its ability to circulate and claim new victims. The scientific consensus is that the best way to reach this stage is vaccination, not rampant contagion.

According to CPI documents, purchases of hydroxychloroquine by the National Health Fund amounted to R $ 30,654,670 in 2020.

Covid’s draft CPI report also highlights a “convergence of interests” in the use of ineffective drugs between the federal government and healthcare provider Prevent Senior. The scandal involving the company takes up nearly 100 pages of the document.

Prevent Senior was responsible for a study to test these ineffective substances, publicized and hailed by President Jair Bolsonaro as a success story during the pandemic.

The study was suspended by the National Research Ethics Commission (Conep) a few days after the start. In his testimony to CPI, the director of Prevent, Pedro Benedito Batista Junior, even denied the existence of the study.

“In the city of São Paulo, the Prevent Senior network was under enormous pressure, including from the public prosecutor, due to the numerous deaths in its hospitals. In Brasilia, […] a president of the republic was more interested in his political future than in Brazil. He clung to the idea that any restrictive measure could seriously damage the image of his government. He sabotaged his own health minister, ”says the CPI’s preliminary report.

Also in her testimony to the CPI, lawyer Bruna Morato said Prevent was under pressure because of the high mortality of her patients – and that, for this reason, she would have sought allies at the highest level of government. Bruna represents 12 doctors who have prepared a case against the operator of the health plan.

“Once this pact, or alliance, entered into between this group of advisers who were later appointed by this parliamentary committee as the parallel cabinet, but who, at the time, were only advisers, it was after this contact that a certain security was imposed. transferred. Thus, Prevent Senior was convinced that it would not be inspected by the Ministry of Health or other bodies linked to the Ministry of Health, ”explains Bruna in an extract transcribed in the CPI report.

Prevent Senior is also accused of delivering “Covid kits” to patients – made up of a series of ineffective drugs. “Evidence abounds that the company has experimented with the various drugs and treatments on its patients in an uncontrollable frenzy of pseudoscience,” the report says.

The text that will be voted on by the Covid CPI also highlights a “confession” by Pedro Benedito, director of Prevent. He admitted to the committee that the company had removed the code that indicated Covid from patient records, after a few days of hospitalization.

“An obvious consequence of fraudulent alteration of the CDI is criminal liability. Mr. Pedro Benedito, surprisingly or not, blamed each doctor for the consequences of the alteration of the ICD. In short, he has explicitly determined that other doctors are committing an offense, even if the determination came from the management of the company ”, specifies the text.

In the report, Senator Renan Calheiros says that Prevent Senior was “part of the pact, the sinister association at the top of the Brazilian government which, under the motto ‘Brazil cannot stop’, has resulted in the deaths of thousands of Brazilians.” .

“The evidence against Prevent Senior screams: practices incompatible with any ethical standard have ended up becoming the rule,” the text continues.

For the Covid ICC, President Jair Bolsonaro’s way of acting, by encouraging overcrowding and non-compliance with sanitary measures and even the invasion of hospitals, is, in itself, a criminal offense of incitement to crime.

“By adopting and insisting on early treatment as practically the only government policy to fight the pandemic, even at the expense of vaccination, Jair Bolsonaro has strongly collaborated in the spread of covid-19 in Brazilian territory and, thus, s ‘has proven to be primarily responsible for the mistakes made by the federal government during the covid-19 pandemic, ”the report said.

The ICC’s draft final opinion calls for indictments, among others:

  • Dr. Nise Yamaguchi, for a culpable epidemic resulting in death;
  • Federal MP Osmar Terra, for a culpable epidemic that resulted in death and incitement to crime;
  • and the owners of Prevent Senior, Fernando Parrillo and Eduardo Parrillo, and director Pedro Benedito Batista Junior, for danger to life or health, failure to notify illness, ideological lying and crimes against humanity.
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