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Cry having sex: only someone very confident talks about sex like João Vicente



João Vicente de Castro said he cries having sex. “What?”, ask the unsuspecting among some unpublishable comments. Taken out of context, it’s really weird. It seems that the actor is sad when he has sex or suffers in some way. That’s not it.

João said the phrase on Papo de Segunda, a program he co-hosts with Fabio Porchat, Emicida and Chico Bosco, on GNT. The whole statement was about the way people can connect in sex: “It’s very beautiful to see a person stripped of morals. It’s a moment of rare connection. Sometimes I even get emotional having sex. It’s true. I knew I was a man who cries having sex? I’ve cried several times. It’s true,” he said.

It does make sense. Real encounters can be surprising and therefore exciting.

Naked in a closed room feeling great pleasure, people can create connections that touch deeply and allow emotions to flow.

Is he saying that all hookups can get him emotional? Not. The answer is not in his sensitivity, but in the luck of the perfect date. It happens, yes. And it doesn’t have to become a wedding, it can only last half an hour and that’s it. May these 30 minutes be too firm.

The cool thing is to be able to talk about it: men don’t feel comfortable crying even at a wake, it’s good to be able to confess that it’s possible that this happens even at the moment when the greatest virility is expected. So we disconnect one thing from the other — crying and being manly is possible, obviously.

a veteran seducer

John is a veteran seducer. On the show, he often hears jokes from colleagues about his resourcefulness with nudity or with his partners. He accepts the comments, but does not respond with sexist comments, common when the takers are confronted by their friends. He confirms his fame in a way that doesn’t taint any woman’s integrity. About ex-girlfriends, even, he usually has only praise, like the day he talked about Sabrina Sato’s behavior at Carnival. a lord.

In 2019, he faced a game of “I Never” with friends Fe Paes Leme, Gioh Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso. Among several confessions, he even declared that he had already had sex with Fepa, who heard everything laughing next door. He didn’t seem disrespectful at all. Naturalness to talk about what you’ve lived is a great way to take relationships.

But just because he’s been picking on different women doesn’t mean he can’t give his opinion on stable relationships either. It’s the least expected of a man in his late 40s who’s been in long-term relationships, but given the male sample of this 2022, we’re even impressed. The other day, he said that he thinks the best couples are those who behave as a team, supporting each other. It’s a really good parameter.

It’s good that catchers like João Vicente are out there talking about being single with conviction in a less predatory way than most. It can inspire kids to be sweeter too.

No one is talking about holding hands or sleeping with a spoon, but even a casual fuck with a strong grip can be done with some sensitivity.

May we be moved by the encounters and we can talk about it freely to build more sincere relationships in disposable times. João Vicente is already in it. Who goes with him?

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