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CS:GO Market Drop and Potential Broken Fang Discount



On April 7, Valve made a surprising move by launching a 75% discount on RMR 2020 adhesive capsules. Capsules are now priced at $ 0.20 and literally anyone can buy a ton and try their luck. But we will discuss the details of this CS: GO market crash, why it matters, and how it gives us clues about the Broken Fang discount operation.

RMR capsules were on the CS: GO main menu for almost 2 months (and that’s way longer than usual) and now they’re getting a discount too, and a pretty big one. That’s weird. The first and most obvious question is: why is this so important? Well, let me tell you.

If you are a frequent user of the CS: GO marketplace, you may have noticed that many items dropped in price and that is because of that discount. It was spontaneous and now the whole market is full of those stickers. And as we know, the higher the quantity, the lower the price. But it might be your chance to grab a few of them if you wish or see if your favorite AK skin also saw a drop in price.

AK-47 | Market price of Frontside Misty (field tested).

Because not many people expected it, those who didn’t may have lost a decent amount of money if they intended to exchange these items later. It’s common practice to buy a lot of limited items (and RMRs are limited) and then resell them when they are out of stock. And those who have already bought them (including me) are now in the red due to falling prices. The price will slowly increase after the drop and when the capsules are removed, but it will be much longer than it could have been.

But what does that have to do with Operation Broken Fang? The fact that RMR’s ​​capsules were on display for so long and even got a discount suggests that the trade will have its own as well. The Broken Fang is active for so long and there were no signs of a discount when the last week of missions launched. Now we see that Valve can keep things going for much longer than usual and continue to function normally.

So if you haven’t bought the trading pass yet, maybe it’s worth waiting until the last week. And keep in mind that when the trade is discounted, the whole market crash story will happen again. Is that how it works.

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