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Curse of the Dead Gods — Beginner’s guide and general tips



Curse of the dead gods is a roguelike action game where you enter the temples. With rooms full of traps and enemies (and RNG factors to consider), you will need to do everything you can to survive. Here’s our beginner’s guide with several general gaming tips to help you out.

Note: For more information, see our Curse of the dead gods guides and functions hub.

Curse of the dead gods: Beginner’s Guide and General Tips for the Intrepid Explorer

Checking the map

You’ll find it Curse of the dead gods The map reveals what kind of rewards you will get in each room. This allows you to strategize and plan for the future.

Let’s say you don’t like your starting set of weapons, well you can get new ones if you choose a room with weapons as a reward.

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Attributes and Relics

Curse of the dead gods It has what some might call a color-coding scheme when it comes to its temples, deities, and attributes. Still, when it comes to attributes, here’s the gist:

  • Constitution (red): increases your maximum HP; +50 HP each point constitution.
  • Dexterity (blue): increases your damage; + 5% damage for each dexterity point.
  • Perception (green): increases your magic find (chance of obtaining gold and equipment); + 5% for each perception point.
  • There is no attribute that governs defense.
  • Attribute points return to zero at the end of a race.

As for the relics, these are accessories that can come from enemies or as a reward from altars. These always bring you a particular benefit.

You only have six relic slots, so use them well and try to find synergy with your attributes, weapons, and preferred playstyle.

Altar Offerings: Gold Against Blood

If the room’s reward is an attribute increase, weapon, upgrade, or relic, you will likely run into an altar. As with other games (i.e. hell), the most common way to get a reward is by “offering gold”.

But, if you are low on gold, you can present a “blood offering” instead. This will cause your corruption to increase based on the given value, which brings me to the next point.

Cotdg Bggtp 2

Corruption and curses

The corruption meter in the lower right corner of your HUD has a maximum of 100 points. It increases through the following incidents or actions:

  • Each room you enter adds +20 Corruption (or +30 in later stages of the game).
  • Some enemy attacks will add varying amounts of corruption. In general, these are usually purple-colored abilities or spells.
  • A “blood offering” for a reward adds corruption based on the value of that reward.

Cotdg Bggtp 3a

When it fills up, you will be afflicted with a random curse upon entering the next room. Curses tend to be harmful and force you to adapt your strategy accordingly. However, there may be some tradeoffs (or even the opportunity to experiment with certain advantages).

Regardless, the corruption meter continues to fill even after the first curse all the way to the fourth. After this point, if your corruption meter reaches 100 points again, you will get “The Truth of Xbeltz’aloc.” This is the fifth curse and it is no longer random. Instead, you will simply lose HP until you are left with a single point. Needless to say, you don’t want to make things too complicated.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to help you handle corruption and curses. These include weapon buffs, relics, or smashing your loot.

Smashing your loot

No item should be wasted during your walks. If you don’t need a particular drop from a mob, you can offer it to the gods. This could earn you certain benefits, such as healing, an attribute increase, or even a reduction in corruption that you have gained for a particular threshold. You won’t actually be able to remove a curse entirely this way (the only way to do it is by defeating a temple champion).

Cotdg Bggtp 3b

Light against darkness

Regarding general exploration and combat Curse of the dead godsMake sure you have your flashlight handy. Your torch must be equipped as you run through the hallways so you can spot traps. Similarly, use it to light braziers in rooms with enemies. If the room is ever shrouded in darkness, the traps will remain invisible and you will even take + 50% damage from enemy attacks.

Weapon Options

If you just started Curse of the dead gods, then your character will be armed only with a sword and a pistol. Eventually, you may see a two-handed weapon. This is the equipment system of the game where you will be able to switch between different types of equipment (i.e. your torch, your main hand weapon, your secondary / left hand weapon and a two handed weapon).

Later, you will acquire resources called Crystal Skulls and Jade Rings. The former drops from mobs and bosses, and is used to unlock permanent blessings (perks) and weapon altars (a selection of weapons that you can carry at the beginning of your career). Meanwhile, the latter only drops from boss-type enemies and unlocks different types of gear that could appear during your races.

Tips 1 From The Curse Of The Dead Gods Beginner's Guide

Dodge, stop and greed kills

I mentioned hell before due to Curse of the dead gods“Similarities when it comes to dungeon excavations and bounty rooms. However, the combat is more akin to Souls-as titles. By that, I mean that you will be using stamina to dodge and parry. Dodging just before an opponent makes an attack (i.e. a perfect dodge) restores one point of resistance. Stopping, meanwhile, replenishes two pips. Grills also stun the enemies around you.

Most attacks can be stopped and you will have to watch out for the enemy’s red glow as their “signal”. Of course, there are a few key differences with timing and attack animations, so be sure to practice.

As for greed kills, this is a counter that lasts as long as you defeat more mobs while avoiding any hits. A higher amount of greed kills earns you more gold from enemies.

Tips for the Curse Of The Dead Gods 2 Beginner's Guide

Use a controller

I’m not kidding, but the game recommends using a controller while playing the game. To be clear, I tried using a mouse and keyboard for my first few hours while reviewing the game. Unfortunately, the settings were very difficult to get used to. I was missing so many blows and slicing through the empty air like a blunder. Then when I used my controller, everything felt more fluid and responsive.

Use traps, kite enemies, and clear rooms

In certain rooms, there may be enemies that will appear in waves. As such, you will need to clear them all to get to the next area or exit. On the other hand, there are some rooms where the enemies are already present and are grouped in groups. It is possible to attract some of them (i.e. by approaching or using a ranged weapon). This allows you to eliminate a group of monsters to unlock the next area without having to clear the entire room.

Also, you can consider using traps and environmental hazards to defeat enemies. Mobs are possible, and they would be blown up by barrels, hit by electric orbs, or pierced by statues of spearmen.

Tips for the Curse Of The Dead Gods 3 Beginner's Guide

Progression Events, Blood Emblems, and “Unique Trial”

Curse of the dead gods It has three temples: jaguar, eagle and snake. These are the basics:

  • Level 1 (for each temple): a champion (miniboss) and nine rooms in total.
  • Level 2: Two champions and eight rooms in each section for a total of 16 rooms.
  • Level 3: two champions, the temple avatar (boss) and seven rooms in each section for a total of 21 rooms.

As you complete each temple / level, you will earn Blood Emblems. These are basically “gatekeepers” that denote your progress, so you can only reach higher levels if you have had successful careers.

Tips 4a from the Curse Of The Dead Gods Beginner's Guide

Regarding level 4, the final temple, this has 24 rooms in total. Each section (with eight rooms) is defended by an avatar from the other three temples in the game. Two champions are present in each section, although you may not find them in case you choose branching paths.

After defeating the boss, you will unlock the “difficult explorations” mode. It introduces you to your usual tours of the temple, except mobs are tougher, healing sources are less, corruption increases, and the damage you take is greater.

Note: There are also “one time trial” events for a limited time that are available every day. There are special rules and mechanics for these, and a nifty reward. But you are only allowed one try.

Tips 4b from the Curse Of The Dead Gods Beginner's Guide

Curse of the dead gods it’s available through Steam. For more information, check out our Guides and Features Center.

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