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Curse of the Dead Gods guide — Corruption and curses



Corruption is a unique and nifty mechanic that is sure to add a twist to every race in Curse of the dead gods. That’s because you will undoubtedly suffer random curses the game throws your way. Here’s our guide to help you manage these mechanics.

Note: For more information, see our Curse of the dead gods guides and functions hub.

Curse of the dead gods guide: Dealing with corruption and curses

Corruption, as mentioned in our Curse of the dead gods guide for beginners, increases through the following means:

  • Every new room you enter adds +20 corruption. This amount increases in later temple levels / exploration difficulty modes.
  • If you stumble upon an altar and don’t have the gold for a weapon or relic, you can pay a “blood offering.” This increases the value of your corruption by the indicated amount.
  • Lastly, certain enemy attacks will add corruption. The essence is that purple means that it is bad.

Cotdg Corrcur Gd 1

Once your corruption meter reaches 100 points, you will suffer a random curse. But it doesn’t stop there. Corruption can still increase as there will be a new threshold. If you’re not careful, you can get a second, third, and fourth curse. Here are some examples:

  • Corpse Infestation: Regular mobs spawn additional enemies (i.e.Bats) when killed.
  • Dark Swiftness – Dodge makes you intangible and increases your window of opportunity to dodge (additional survivability). However, perfectly dodging before being hit no longer regenerates a stamina point.
  • Trapped Chests – Chests have a trigger mechanism and you must stop it to unlock your reward. Chests also have a chance to drop an additional item.
  • Dark Fervor: Corruption passively increases over time, but going through a door no longer adds corruption to your meter.
  • Dark Mysteries: The effects of other curses that afflict you are unknown until you remove this one.
  • Creeping Gloom: Taking damage extinguishes all light sources in a large area, but you deal bonus damage while in the light.
  • Torch of Pain: Your torch can still reveal traps, but it can no longer light braziers. You take no more damage while in the dark.

Note: There are also others that provide a detriment, as well as an additional effect related to healing.

Cotdg Corrcur Gd 2a

The fifth curse

The ones mentioned above, and many others, can appear randomly as your first four curses. Now if you already have a fourth active curse and you still hit 100 corruption, you will get the fifth curse.

It’s called “The Truth of Xbeltz’aloc” and it will constantly deplete your health until you only have 1 HP left. Needless to say, this will be a race against time.

Cotdg Corrcur Gd 2b

How to fight (or use) corruption and curses efficiently

If you want to remove a curse that you have incurred during your Curse of the dead gods run, then you have to kill a boss type enemy (i.e. champions or avatars). This is only applicable on longer temple scans where multiple bosses exist.

When it comes to countering and reducing corruption, look for weapon and relic affixes:

  • Ancient Censer – Gold Offerings
  • Purity Ring – Greed Kills
  • Weapon affixes that reduce corruption after kill.

Others, meanwhile, just decrease the potential amounts you get:

  • Chimeric Glow – Lower Corruption Gains When Entering New Rooms
  • Crystal Shards – Enemy spells cause less corruption
  • Contaminated Effigy: Reduces the cost of blood offerings at altars

Curse Of The Dead Gods Eliminate Corruption and Curse Guide 1

On the contrary, you can also try to play with the mechanics. This can be done if you are looking for a particular build or if a weapon affix provides benefits based on the number of curses.

Regarding the former, the “Touch of Pain” curse I mentioned earlier is really comprehensive if you want to focus on a build that emphasizes combat in the dark.

Curse Of The Dead Gods Eliminate Corruption and Curse Guide 2a

As for the latter, a cursed weapon could also have an affix that grants a DPS buff (i.e. + 20% damage per active curse).

Naturally, this data is for more advanced executions, as you will need to juggle these mechanics effectively. If you risk too much, you could end up suffering in the end.

Curse Of The Dead Gods Remove Corruption and Curse Guide 2b

Curse of the dead gods it’s available through Steam. For more information, check out our Guides and Features Center.

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