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Curse of the Dead Gods guide — Healing and surviving dungeon runs



The dungeons in Curse of the dead gods It will throw everything at you, including a kitchen sink that you must stop. Naturally, you could end up taking a lot of damage. Here’s our healing guide to help you survive your dungeon crawls.

Note: For more information, see our Curse of the dead gods guides and functions hub.

Curse of the dead gods – Healing methods and survival guide.

As mentioned in our Curse of the dead gods guide for beginners, your maximum health is determined by the constitution attribute. Although all attributes are reset to zero at the end of each run, you can find additional ways to empower it. You will get +50 HP for each constitution point.

So where will you find these boosters? Well here are the sources:

  • Rooms with attributes as a reward (HP increase options may be available).
  • Weapons and relics with + constitution as affix.
  • Weapons and relics that drop randomly can be “offered to the gods”, and this offering could add constitution.
  • Taamok’s Blessing of Bones: Gain +5 Constitution at the start of your run. Gain an additional +1 constitution when you enter a new room, as long as you are below 50% of your maximum health.

Cotdg Hl Regen 1

And the healing? Well the temples in Curse of the dead gods could have a healing room so check the branches if necessary. At more advanced levels, you will also find healing rooms after boss fights.

Of course, these sources replenish health at a cost. When you try to partially heal yourself, you will also gain 20 corruption points. Be careful, as he might be in tip-top shape now, but a debilitating curse could ruin his entire career.

Curse of the Dead Gods Healing Guide How to Heal 1

As for other healing sources, here they are:

  • Weapons can appear with affixes related to restoration. that is, heal on kill or heal the critical. These types of pieces of equipment will increase your survivability.
  • There are healing-focused relics that provide restoration based on death type, action, or condition. Examples include the herbs of rejuvenation (from greed kills), eagle eye (from critical hits), temple heart (from entering a new room), and torture ring (from traps and kills environmental).

Curse Of The Dead Gods Healing Guide How To Heal 2

Lastly, there are specific curses that have a detrimental effect, although they also present opportunities to regenerate your HP.

Examples include “Bloodlust” which disables all normal healing effects and prevents enemies from dropping gold. Instead, mobs will drop blood used to regenerate HP and this can be increased by your Greed kills and your Perception stat. Similarly, there is “Mortal Harvest” where urns and vases spew blood instead of gold.

Cotdg Hl Regen 2

Curse of the dead gods it’s available through Steam. For more information, check out our Guides and Features Center.

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