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Curse of the Dead Gods guide — The best blessings and perks



The blessings and benefits you can unlock Curse of the dead gods they are extremely powerful. They can really change the way you approach each race. Here is our guide to help you.

Note: For more information, see our Curse of the dead gods guides and functions hub.

Curse of the dead gods guide: choosing the best blessings and perks for your character

At the beginning of your Curse of the dead gods campaign, you won’t be able to unlock most boons. That’s because these require you to get more Blood Emblems when progressing through the temple. Similarly, you will need to farm more Crystal Skulls, similar to how you would unlock Weapon Altars and Divine Favors in the game.

Anyway, beginners would see that there are five options available. I’d suggest choosing “Raging Hide” (+ 50% more damage for six seconds after taking damage) or “Boon of Si’chal” (+1,000 gold and +5 perception at the start of your career).

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Going further and completing more temples will also allow you to use additional slots for your blessings and perks. Towards the end, you will have three available slots before continuing with your dungeon.

Oh, and speaking of Si’chal’s blessing (perception), that and two others offer an added boost to your attributes early on. They are “Burst of Agility” and “Bones of T’amok” for dexterity and build respectively.

Curse Of The Dead Gods Best Blessings Guide Best Perks 1

Alright, here are some blessings to keep in mind (and not in a good way):

  • “Yaatz’s Wrath” – Large stun radius also extinguishes or destroys light sources such as braziers.
  • “Reptilian Hunger”: The effect is only for your greed kill counter when you are out of combat or transitioning between rooms. You still need to quickly kill enemies when they are close.
  • “Protection of T’amok” – This is a crutch blessing and also a trap, as there are sections of a room that have no light sources, or enemies (and other effects) would quickly extinguish them.
  • “Divine Perception” – I don’t know if it’s just bad RNG, but the drops were still useless.

As for Curse of the dead gods“The best blessings and advantages, at least based on my careers, would go with the following:

  • “Serpent’s Bounty”: Non-optional champions and bosses drop five items instead of two. By the time you’re clearing the upper levels of the temple, you’ll be fighting two or three of these in each run. This also helps, as you will have various items that you can “offer to the gods” for quick heal, attribute boost, or corruption reduction.
  • “Favor of Si’chal” – Already discussed above. This prepares you to buy things with gold so that you do not make blood offerings.
  • “Grace of the Tempest”: +1 to dexterity each time you clear a room without taking damage. It’s a great way to increase your DPS.

Curse Of The Dead Gods Best Blessings Guide Best Perks 2

Curse of the dead gods it’s available through Steam. For more information, check out our Guides and Features Center.

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