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Curse of the Dead Gods guide — Weapon Altars and Divine Favors



Your character in Curse of the dead gods He begins his adventure armed only with a generic sword and pistol. This is probably not your idea of ​​a powerful team considering all the baddies in the game. Still, you’ll be able to unlock weapon altars and divine favors to help you plan your careers. Here is our guide to help you.

Note: For more information, see our Curse of the dead gods guides and functions hub.

Curse of the dead gods: Unlock Altars of Weapons and Divine Favors

Like the blessings / perks, you must acquire plenty of crystal skulls if you wish to unlock weapon altars and divine favors. Fortunately mobs (rarely) and boss-type enemies like champions and avatars drop the resource (guaranteed).

Similar to other roguelike action titles, Curse of the dead gods It has you redoing races over and over again, trying longer expeditions and all that, until you can rack up the required amount of crystal skulls. Don’t forget that costs also increase based on the level of the feature you are unlocking. So how do these things work?

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Weapon altars in Curse of the dead gods

  • Restored Altars – Each adds a new Weapon Altar in the center. You will have more weapons to choose from before starting your career. I suggest having at least a couple of these available to give you more options.
  • Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, and Two-Handed Weapons: Increase the quality of the starting weapons that are present on those altars. For Two-Handed Weapons Upgrades, the former ensures that these types of gear are already included in the altars as by default you’ll only see them while exploring. Curse of the dead gods“Temples.

Note 1: After upgrading to level five, these altars provide the ability for specific weapon types to have upgrades early in your career. These are the increases: + 75% chance to have a special ability, + 50% chance to be rare, + 25% chance to be very rare, and + 10% chance to be cursed.

Note 2: Some levels are locked based on the Blood Emblems you acquire. These basically just indicate how many unique temples you have completed. By completing level 2 of each temple, you should be able to get the upgrades if you have the crystal skulls.

Curse of the Dead Gods Weapon Altars Divine Favor Crystal Skulls 1

Divine Favor in Curse of the dead gods

Divine favor is Curse of the dead gods“Mechanical Reroll. When you enter rooms with relics or weapons as possible rewards, you can click the” use favor “option to view a new selection.

The amount of divine favors you have is also withheld after each execution. As such, try to have several of these to tweak your build.

Curse of the Dead Gods Weapon Altars Divine Favor Crystal Skulls 2

Curse of the dead gods it’s available through Steam. For more information, check out our Guides and Features Center.

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