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Cyber Shadow Mekadragon guide: How to rock the dragon



Cyber ​​shadow 5Cyber ​​Shadow bosses aren’t that bad for the most part. That is, until you get to the Mekadragon and he kills you to infinity. He’s without a doubt one of the toughest bosses in Cyber ​​Shadow, so this guide will explain his moves and break down how to best send the Mekadragon into a watery robograve. Just prepare to die in the process.
Before you crash into the brick wall that is the Mekadragon, do yourself a favor and buy the Charge Blaster item from the save point directly before fighting the beast. This item will fire at specific intervals when you slash your sword. Even better, you can charge it (hence the name). The fight takes place over the water, and there will also be robots constantly flying overhead. You can attack them to create temporary platforms. With the blaster, you won’t have to use Spirit Points (SP) to do this from a distance, which will help you have escape routes.

As for the Mekadragon itself, that’s misleading …

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