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Dani Calabresa and Marcius Melhem meet for the 1st time in audience



Dani Calabresa and Marcius Melhem had to face each other for eight hours in a virtual audition that took place a few days ago. According to journalist Mônica Bergamo, it was the first face-to-face meeting between the two, who until then had not met after allegations of sexual harassment.

The hearing took place in the presence of actors, actresses and screenwriters who formed the long line of prosecution and defense witnesses. Marcius Melhem and Dani Calabresa followed all the depositions, but were not allowed to speak with or among the witnesses.

The session is part of the process in which Melhem asks Calabresa to pay R $ 200,000 for moral damages and losses caused by the complaint. If he wins the case, the actor claims the funds will be donated to charity.

The LeoDias column exclusively reported on a video in which colleagues from Melhem and Globo mock the harassment allegations. The part of the song in which everyone sings together says: “There is no point in complaining to the DAA ”. DAA is the abbreviation for the area of ​​development and artistic follow-up of the company. One detail emerges: the video was recorded more than a year before allegations of harassment against the comedian were made public.

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