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Dave Baszucki demonstrates Facial Animations in Roblox | RDC 2021



There’s been numerous exciting announcements that have come from Roblox’s Developer Convention this year, with one of the most intriguing ones being the future addition of facial recognition and animations across the platform. With this addition, on top of the already existing VR compatibility, Roblox is quickly becoming one of the top leaders for full-immersion chatting and role-play along with being a major competitor for existing apps that offer these abilities—primarily VRChat.

Facial Animations and Roblox

There’s no specific news as to when this feature will be released site wide, however a brief clip was shown that allowed viewers to see its development so far. During a panel on Oct. 14, 2021 Roblox founder and CEO Dave Baszucki took to the stage to showcase a quick video in which he utilizes the new feature.

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The fan reaction to this announcement remains mixed at the time of this article, with some fans reluctant to the addition, while others cheer it on excitedly.

The future of animation

During this panel Baszucki also announced that he recently sat down with Pixar co-founder and President of Walt Disney Animation Studios Edwin Catmull to discuss how the continued development within animation, and technology in general, is going to quickly create and leave a lasting impact on the world. There’s no news on if Pixar and Roblox have any collaboration plans in the future, however this announcement, and this years RDC overall, has seemingly opened up many doors within the Metaverse and beyond.

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