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Dayane Mello despairs and asks to leave ‘A Farm 13’



Indicated at Cultivate in “La Ferme 13”, Dayane Mello experienced an existential crisis at the beginning of the afternoon of this Thursday (25). The model despaired and asked to be the 10th on the Record TV reality show tonight. She faces public preference in a popular vote against Bil Araújo and Gui Araújo. The least voted will leave the countryside and head for the big city.

In the seat room, located in Itapecerica da Serra, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, the person was thoughtful as she sat on one of the beds. Out loud, she asked the show’s production team to make her bags available earlier so she could pack her clothes and leave the reality show. “I already want to pack my suitcase and run away”, he stated.

MC Gui, one of Dayane Mello’s new allies in “The Farm 13”, was surprised by the statement. “Do you want to go away?” “, He asked. “I really do”, replied. “Don’t do that”, asked the interpreter of “Dream” just after. The girl then gave a brief reflection on the latest events in the confinement and hinted that her psyche was shaken.

“There is no way to live here like this, I think everyone deserves the price”, he explained. If you’re not knocked out for the night and still want to quit reality TV, Dayane Mello has the option of ringing the bell and asking to leave, just like Fernanda Medrado did in week two of lockdown. However, you will have to return the participation fees already paid by Record TV.

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In “A Fazenda 13”, Dayane Mello competes with Rico Melquiades, former participant of “De Vacation with the Ex”, a reality show broadcast by MTV. Last week, the worker took a knife from the kitchen and tore the competitor’s jacket. The former “Programa do Ratinho” stage assistant, Valentina Francavilla, witnessed the tantrum. However, the famous chose to protect her friend.

A few hours after using the sharp object, the model was called into an area reserved by production, where she received a warning. The case managers considered that the person did not endanger the physical integrity of another participant, so it was not appropriate to remove the participant from segregation. The administrators also clarified that the use of the knife is only for cutting food.

This Wednesday (24), the model revealed that the apology addressed to Rico Melquiades after the episode of the jacket was not sincere. She also confessed the desire to physically attack her rival after the end of “The Farm 13”. The statements took place in a moment of reflection on the audience’s vision for the game, in the living room, during a conversation with MC Gui.

“of two [roças], an I came back Farmer. so i have answers [do público], from the beginning, the middle and almost the end. Just the coat thing that might penalize me, but I don’t. If the public already knows me, they already know what I am, understood?“, She asked the interpreter of” Dreaming “. The singer agreed with the song and said she had answers. He then suggested that the ally pay for the garment. “I’m not giving anything! I’ll slap you when I get out of here! A well-placed punch!, returned Dayane Mello in response to the pawn.

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