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Dayane’s team repudiates Peo’s talk about domestic violence · TV News



Outside of A Fazenda 2021, Dayane Mello’s team denied the girl’s comment that Solange Gomes had “agreed” to be a victim of domestic violence. This Wednesday (24), the former Big Brother Italy team regretted the position of the confined and encouraged victims of domestic violence to report cases.

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“In fact, Dayane made a statement that describes what a large portion of women are suffering not only in our country, but in all misogynist and sexist circles around the world, understanding that they do not accept being raped, knowing how difficult it is to leave an abusive relationship with the macho population we live in. We underline our disagreement with Dayane’s speech and [desejamos] that this thought will be deconstructed post-reality, “said the model’s team in the note posted on Twitter.

The counselors then advised the women to contact the police through official channels. The hashtag “Solange deserves respect” entered the list of the most discussed topics on the social network, after a conversation between Dayane and MC Gui in reality.

“Do you think she [Solange] he said: “I didn’t know how to take advantage of the opportunities. I didn’t know how to treat people the way they should? Not! She just [fala]: “I am a single mother, my husband is not helping me.” Choose the wrong husband then! I am eight years old. Damn, a woman who’s been beaten for eight years? I’m sorry, accepting is not cool, ”Dayane said.

Bill nodded in agreement and said, “Yes, it’s difficult, it’s very difficult.” “Now here she is recovering her fame, her name, over the others?” Oh, spare me! Go to the house of… ”, added the young girl.

Solange Gomes’ team also regretted the model’s comment. “Dayane, once again, goes against moral and ethical principles, highlighting a stubbornness in our sexist society which, with great difficulty, has tried to deconstruct a recurring fact in our country, which is the aggression against women “, he underlined the team of the muse of the Gugu bathtub.

Check out the full review from the Dayane Mello team:

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