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Days Gone Did Not Have Kind Words To Say About No Sequel.



It was recently revealed that Bend Studio, the studio that developed Days Gone, was not going to have a sequel. Many Days Gone fans took to social media to show their appreciation for the game. Some have even created a petition for the sequel to be in development. It currently has about 51,000 signatures and is currently targeting 75,000.

Looking at those numbers compared to some of Sony’s biggest games that have sold well over 1 million. So this position is highly unlikely to change anyone’s opinion. The director of Days Gone, in a recent interview, has expressed his opinion on a sequel.

This hardly makes sense.

In an interview with David Jaffe on his YouTube channel, the Days Gone director had this to say:

“If you love a game, buy it at full price. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen players say ‘yes, I have it on sale’, ‘I got it through PS Plus’, whatever. “

This seems like an odd way to talk about game sales, as no one knows if they love a game until they play it. However, if you take it as a way to support games in the future. There is still a way to support Days Gone to get a sequel.

What’s next?

The PC version of Days Gone has yet to be released, and the game will launch on May 18. This could mean that if you want to endorse the game at launch, either by pre-ordering or buying it at full price close to launch, in the developer’s words. It is possible that the sales figures for the PC version will change your mind to PlayStation.

If maybe another release will be made later. However, right now Bend Studio is working on a new IP which we will hopefully see in the future at some point.

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