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Dead Cells-inspired content is coming to Curse of the Dead Gods



Two of the highest rated roguelikes are combining forces to bring you a death cross. Focus Home Interactive and Passtech Games have collaborated with the creators of Dead cells, Motion Twin and Evil Empire, for Curse of the Dead Cells, the next DLC to arrive Curse of the dead gods.

The DLC will add a new curse, three new weapons, and a new type of Challenge Room inspired by Dead cells. The massive update will also introduce a new two-handed weapon style, new curses, and much more.

The Curse of the Dead Cells DLC will be a free update for Curse of the dead gods owners. And you won’t need to wait long to dive into the new diabolical challenges. Curse of the Dead Cells will be available for PC on April 14.

Curse of the Dead Cells features

The Dead cells-The inspired curse is called Curse of the Headless. It allows you to move faster, but you will take more damage. The curse also makes the player’s head look like the main character of Dead cells. You can see how it looks in the features image above.

The curse of dead cell weapons

The Sword of Conjuntivitius, the Sword of the Knight and the Crossbow of the Damned are the three weapons drawn from the Dead cells arsenal. Each looks and feels similar to its counterpart in the 2D action platformer.

As for the new Challenge Room, it will house a Cursed Chest. Dead cells players should be familiar with this treasure container. If you can pass the challenge, you will earn rare weapons, including a cursed one, for your career.

Cursed Chest of the Curse of Dead Cells

A large part of the content of the Curse of the dead gods the update is taken from Dead cells. However, Focus Home and Passtech assure fans that the DLC has been carefully crafted to suit the style and feel of Curse of the dead gods.

Curse of the dead gods recently released from Steam Early Access. If you are thinking of buying it, you can check out our review before doing so. Once you get caught up in the punishment game, you can browse our guides if you need a helping hand.

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