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Deathloop Has A New Gameplay Trailer Out Now



Deathloop turns out to be a pretty unique shooter from the developer Arkane Studios. They’ve clearly gone all the way into the looping nature, which sees an assassin named Colt trying to break out of an endless time loop by taking out assassins before the clock resets and he’s forced to relive the same events. again.

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This is one of the most unique shooting concepts in recent memory where players have to use a lot of strategy to figure out the looping puzzle that can change in no time. There’s also the multiplayer aspect where players can jump into another player’s session as the rival assassin, Julianna.

The game certainly has a lot of novelty and thanks to a new gameplay trailer there are even more aspects to break down leading to Deathloop’s Can release. The new trailer comes from PlayStation’s State of Play event which kicked off early today (February 25).

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In the trailer, we see an official song from the game called Deja Vu – with Sencit Music and FJORA. This definitely gives Deathloop a spy movie feel, almost like something out of a James Bond movie.

In addition to this catchy song, the looping design is featured. If you are killed by one of the assassins as Colt, the time resets and you have to start your attacks again. This gives you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes, and it may take many unsuccessful attempts before you finally see the paths you need to take.

It’s a pretty interesting design that should give Deathloop lots of replayability. The focus is also on Colt’s rival Julianna. It can appear out of nowhere as you figure out what tactics to implement. This should keep players on their toes throughout their looping adventures.

If you want to see for yourself where Arkane Studios is heading Deathloop in, then watch the trailer above. The combat looks decent enough already, with a slew of unique resources that should give players some fun ways to take out targeted assassins.

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More than a few months before Deathloop will be officially released. It’s still pretty early days, but the last two gameplay trailers show off a fun shooter that’s a welcome addition to the fairly crowded shooting space. Let’s see if it can live up to the hype and break new ground in the post-launch shooter genre.

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