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Deep Rock Galactic: Breach Cutter Mods Guide



If you’re looking to optimise your Deep Rock Galactic Gear setup, you’ve come to the right place! This short Breach Cutter Mods guide will discuss the options for the five tiers of Breach Cutter upgrades and whether or not they’re worth considering in your own mod build or outright skippable.

Tier 1

  • Prolonged Power Generation – Doubles the Projectile lifespan from 1.5s to 3s
  • High Capacity Magazine – Increases clip size from 3 to 6

Prolonged Power Generation is a clear-cut winner in my opinion here. It makes every shot fired last twice as long, significantly increasing the projectiles potential damage dealt. You also have as much projectile up time per clip as you would with High Capacity Magazine, as while you gain double duration with half as many shots – or twice as many shots with half duration if you do take High Capacity Magazine – but I honestly do not recommend it. The projectile damage is so high that three shots will kill most, if not everything in front of you at the time, allowing safe reloads.

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Tier 2

  • Expanded Ammo Bags – An additional 6 maximum ammo
  • Condensed Plasma – Increases DPS by 175
  • Loosened Node Cohesion – Doubles the width of the beam from 1.5m to 3m

Expanded Ammo Bags offers you a 50% total ammo increase with this mod, and an additional 3 projectiles per resupply. Not a bad mod choice, but it competes with some very strong upgrades. Condensed Plasma is a raw damage increase, which is appealing for obvious reasons.

However, my recommendation here is actually Loosened Node Cohesion – doubling the beam width significantly amplifies the threat of each projectile fired – larger beams make it harder for big enemies to stop taking the continuous damage effect, and also means more small enemies will get caught in the shot and die nigh-instantly.

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Tier 3

  • Quick Deploy – Removes the plasma expansion delay of 0.2s
  • Improved Case Ejector – Reduces reload time by 0.4s

Most likely the weakest tier for the breach cutter mod options, Quick Deploy reduces a very short projectile expansion timer from a fraction of a second to non-existent – a small, but useful reliability upgrade that makes the Breach Cutter a better point-blank weapon for clearing out immediate threats. Meanwhile, Improved Case Ejector does lower the very long reload time, however it only lowers it from 3.4s to 3.0s, so the reload time remains quite long regardless.

Either option works, though Quick Deploy has the edge over Improved Case Ejector for the average game and should be chosen if you’re not sure what to take.

Tier 4

  • Armour Breaking – Deals an additional 300% damage to armour
  • Disruptive Frequency Tuning – Gives the projectile a stun effect for 3s on contact

Armour Breaking is quite literally what it says on the tin, it amplifies the default Breach Cutter armour damage from 100% to 400% – which can be fairly potent, given the projectile size of the Breach Cutter when modified this way. However, the Disruptive Frequency Tuning mod gives you an immediate benefit to every shot, in that it will stun hostile creatures it hits – every time, without fail, for 3s. That’s almost precisely enough time to reload the breach cutter and do it again – though you usually won’t need to, because 3 Breach Cutter projectiles are typically lethal to most things in the game.

I’d highly suggest starting with Disruptive Frequency Tuning as the stun effect provides huge value to every shot you’ll fire – both in the utility of stunning creatures – and in damage terms of locking them in the Breach Cutter projectile. If you find you don’t like it, swap to Armour Breaking for the certain value of knocking off the armour.

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Tier 5

  • Explosive Goodbye – The projectile explodes when it expires
  • Plasma Trail – The projectile leaves a continuous damage field where it has travelled for a short duration
  • Triple Split Line – The projectile is split into 3 separate lines to cover a larger area

Tier 5 is fairly evenly split and is most likely to be decided by personal preference. Explosive Goodbye is a nice choice for those who want to backload the damage or just want the Breach Cutter to be a bit more flashy than a large laser cannon that slices things in half.

Plasma Trail adds another additional damage effect, this time leaving a trail behind the projectile that damages hostiles that move through it. It’s a good way to amplify Engineers already ample ability to control and destroy large swarms of aliens.

Finally, Triple Split Line. Probably the most boring choice here, but also a remarkably practical one. It’ll increase the projectile coverage significantly by adding two new projectiles, above and below the original projectile respectively. While they don’t increase the damage dealt directly, they do mean you’ll find it even easier to hit as many aliens as possible – from medium range this upgrade makes it possible to hit both ground and air targets simultaneously, and firing through a large target will shred armour all over while making sure that the Breach Cutters damage will absolutely be applied for as much of the projectile lifespan as possible.

Breach Cutter Mods
Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

If you’ve been following along, you will likely end up with a build looking something like this. That’ll be all for this Breach Cutter Mods guide, hopefully you found it useful. If you have any other opinions on mod choices, let me know in the comments!

For those wanting to read up on the Breach Cutter mods, you can find the wiki page here.

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