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Deep Rock Galactic: Flare Gun Mods Guide



If you are looking to optimize your Galactic Deep Rock Computer setup, you have come to the right place. This short Flare Gun mod guide will discuss the options for all three levels of flare gun mods and whether they are worth considering in your own mod build or can be skipped entirely.

Tier 1

  • Expanded ammo pouches – Total ammo capacity increased by 3
  • Thicker core – Flare gun flares last an additional 15 seconds each.

Once again, in the settings of a tool mod, simple options that come down to preferences. You will be able to retake any of these effectively at level 3. Expanded ammo pouches It’s probably best if you’re new to the game as it will provide you with more flares at the start of a race and during resupply. Thicker core it’s a solid option if you want to forget about flares a bit more.

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Level 2

  • Supercharged feed mechanism – Rate of fire increased by 3
  • High capacity magazine – Magazine size increased by 1

Oh yeah, Supercharged feed mechanism. Stop showing up in utility-based tools, the rate of fire is almost completely useless here; however, it is a good way to waste flares and run out of ammo early. That said, your other “option”, or rather, the default option, is High capacity magazine.

Level 3

  • Automatic recharge – The flare gun reloads automatically when not equipped for more than 5 seconds
  • Expanded ammo pouches – Total ammo capacity increased by 3
  • Magnesium core – Flare gun flares last an additional 15 seconds each

Automatic recharge it’s an interesting option that can be offered, and you can certainly argue that if you switch to your flare gun and find that you didn’t reload it previously, it can be tedious to handle. It’s worth considering, but if you can get by without it, both Expanded ammo pouches and Magnesium core they are solid increments of raw stats, and both have a defined value. Take the Automatic recharge if you really want it otherwise choose one of the trusted upgrades.

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Flare Gun Mods
Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

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That should leave you with a Flare Gun mod setup that looks like this, and that will be the end of this short mod guide. Did you make different choices? Can you somehow justify that firing speed improvement as a real choice and not just a troll hiding as an improvement? Hit me in the comments if you did.

If you are interested in reading more about Flare Gun mods, you can find the wiki page here.

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