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Deep Rock Galactic: Grenade Launcher Mods Guide



If you’re looking to optimise your Deep Rock Galactic Gear setup, you’ve come to the right place! This short Grenade Launcher Mods guide will discuss the options for the five tiers of Grenade Launcher upgrades and whether or not they’re worth considering in your own mod build or outright skippable.

Tier 1

  • Fragmentary Shell – Expands the damage radius by 1m
  • Extra Ammo – Increases maximum ammo by 2
  • HE Compound – Increases the damage dealt in the radius by 15

Fragmentary Shell is an excellent choice for increasing the overall effectiveness of the weapon versus hordes of enemies, as it’ll make sure to spread the damage out across all the more enemies. Extra Ammo is actually relatively weak for once here, as with only two extra grenades total you’ll only be gaining one more per resupply – while HE Compound will increase the damage dealt in the radius by 15, making it better against clusters of more durable enemies.

It’s worth noting that if you mainly point this at larger enemies, you’ll want HE Compound for damage. If you use it to clean out as many enemies as possible, Fragmentary Shell is the clear winner. Extra Ammo is worth considering only if you feel like you run out of grenades far too fast due to the small size of the boost.

Tier 2

  • Expanded Ammo Bags – Increases maximum ammo by 3
  • Larger Payload – Increases the damage dealt in the radius by 20
  • High-Velocity Grenades – +180% projective travel velocity

Expanded Ammo Bags for three additional grenades can be worth considering. Notably if you take it here, you may wish to take Extra Ammo in tier 1, as it’ll net you can extra Grenade per resupply by pushing you over 4 bonus grenades mark. Otherwise, Larger Payload is a solid upgrade choice that functions as an improved version of HE Compound.

High-Velocity Grenades is, in all honesty mostly a for-fun choice. You don’t really need speed on a grenade launcher as its mostly if not always used at medium range, and its rare you’d ever be at a long enough range that the speed makes a significant difference. If you feel you need it to hit targets better, you may simply need practise without it.

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Tier 3

  • Incendiary Compound – 50% of explosive damage converted to heat damage (halves armour break)
  • Pressure Wave – Increases Armour damage by an additional 500%

Incendiary Compound combines well with increased area of effect for setting entire swarms on fire – however it doesn’t actually increase your total damage with the exception of enemies that catch fire. It instead converts some of the explosion damage to heat damage. This comes at the unfortunate cost of losing armour damage too. Incendiary Compound is basically another anti-swarm choice, or potentially for abusing heat-weaknesses.

Pressure Wave on the other hand, massively increases your armour damage by 500% – making it ideal for those players who point the grenade launcher at larger targets such as Dreadnoughts or Oppressors. Both mods are fine choices, with a slight edge to Pressure Wave – but this choice is playstyle dependant.

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Tier 4

  • Homebrew Explosive – The grenade will do randomised damage between 80% to 140%
  • Nails + Tape -Increased damage radius by 1m
  • Concussive Blast – +100% chance to stun

This is a bit of an odd tier. Homebrew Explosive adds a bit of a random damage for-fun aspect to the weapon – and while the average damage is increased, this comes at the cost of occasionally failing to kill something the grenade probably should have killed. Nails + Tape is yet another option for expanding the damage radius and is an excellent staple upgrade choice to take if you’re not sure.

Finally, Concussive blast is another anti-big-guy choice, and will combine well with the armour shred from Pressure Wave. It can also be used against swarms quite well if you took advantage of the damage radius upgrade Fragmentary Shell back in tier 1.

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Tier 5

  • Proximity Trigger – Grenades will only detonate when close to an enemy
  • Spiky Grenade – Grenades gain additional explosive direct damage if they hit an enemy

While the other tiers have been mostly good choices that compete with each other directly and the odd one or two thrown in, this tier doesn’t compete at all – they’re both quite good, they just do entirely seperate goals. Spiky Grenade will give you a bit of a damage boost on a single target if you hit them directly with the grenade, so its intended for direct usage against some larger targets. Meanwhile,

Proximity Trigger grenades will only explode if they are near something hostile. While not a direct damage increase, this does mean that grenade will wait till it can kill something – so it increases the value of each grenade somewhat, as they will be a threat to the alien swarms at some stage, even if you miss the first intended target.

Notably, Proximity Trigger does make a humorous combination with High-Velocity Grenades, as you can fire it in such a way that it’ll bounce off walls rapidly down tunnels or corridors until it either finds something or finally comes to rest in a distant chamber – having effectively scouted the path ahead for you with its lack of explosion.

Grenade Launcher Mods
Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

You should end up getting something looking vaguely like this, and that’s the end of this Grenade Launcher Mods guide. What did you end up taking for your build? Let me know in the comments.

For those wanting to read up on the Grenade Launcher mods, you can find the wiki page here.

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