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Deep Rock Galactic: How to..? Armour mods!



If you are looking to optimize your Deep Rock Galactic Gear settings, you have come to the right place! This short How …? The armor mod guide will discuss the options for each level of armor upgrades and whether they are worth considering in your own mod building. or skip directly.

For those of you wondering what kind of how …? The armor mod guide is designed for all classes. It turns out that all four types of dwarves use the same upgrades with the only exception that it is the third upgrade level, but that is a class specific upgrade which is a mandatory one-option anyway, so there won’t be no inter-class discussion there either.

Tier 1

  • Improved generator – Increased shield reload speed
  • Driven converter – Shields will recharge at a faster rate, but will take longer to start.
  • Largest Mineral Bag – Simply increase the maximum storage of each ore by 5.

Of these options, the options are more limited than they may seem. Driven converter it’s actually a cheat option, as the reload delay it adds is quite significant and basically disqualifies it as a valid option.

Improved generator It is a solid option as it will mean that the shields will appear a little earlier, which can make a difference in a crisis scenario. Largest Mineral Bag It is in a close second, as the mineral ability is useful, but not so much that it skips a valuable combat upgrade. Stick to Bigger Mineral Bag only when you need to return resources as quickly as possible; otherwise always take Improved generator.

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Level 2

  • Overcharger – Increase your maximum shields by 5.
  • Healthy – Increase your maximum health by 20.

Both are respectable options, but if you are interested in maximizing this option to a minimum, it comes down to whether you think you will lose your shields in their entirety more than 4 times per life. If you do, you might get better mileage with the Overcharger max Shields. If you don’t know or are not sure, you should take Healthy for max health it’s the safest option (you always get the value) and it also means you can make more use of healing effects like Red Sugar or the Vampire perk.

Level 3

  • Resistance – 50% resistance to a specific damage type that varies by class. Mandatory modification.

The type of damage that you will gain resistance to with this upgrade will depend on your class. The Piercer gets fire damage reduction while the Engineer gets poison damage reduction, for example. Regardless of the quality of these upgrades, they are the only option at this level, and they certainly don’t hurt to say the least, so you can pick them up when you can.

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Level 4

  • Shock wave – Area of ​​effect (AoE) damage when shields are broken.
  • Static discharge – AoE% chance to stun when shields are broken.
  • Room to breathe – An additional 3s of invulnerability when you are revived.

This boils down to Shock wave or Static discharge. Room to breathe sounds great at a glance, it literally doubles your invuln time to revive after all, right? Of course. Except on a mission where he performs well, he shouldn’t go too low, if he does. It might be worth it if you develop some kind of strategy with your team coordinating around it, but it should be avoided otherwise.

Going back to the real elections, Shock wave it’s a good choice if you find that most of your kills are smaller enemies. There’s a good chance that AoE damage will kill them completely, which will mean a much safer revive, while 6 seconds of invuln would buy you some time, killing them all instantly buys you a bit more. Static discharge, in comparison, is best used when your kills are for larger opponents, or those who Shock wave wouldn’t kill directly – the chance to stun might give you enough time to get away from them and shoot from a safe distance.

The end result should look like the previous one. That’s it for this guide, hopefully you found it useful. Do you disagree with any of these options? Let me know what you think, below in the comments.

For those hoping to read more about the armor mods in Deep Rock Galactic, you can find the wiki pages for the armor sets from; Engineer, Driller, Scout and Gunner respectively here.

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